The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Science Unit

The Science Unit was established under the Core Curriculum and General Education Office to develop and teach science courses designed for non-science students at Lingnan to fulfill the “Science, Technology and Society Cluster” requirements of the Core Curriculum. The first two staff members (Professor and Head, Prof. Mark McGinley and Assistant Professor, Prof. Jonathan Fong) arrived in August, 2015.


The teaching goal of the Science Unit is to develop courses that introduce Lingnan students to the excitement of the natural sciences and provides them with the skills they will need to deal with the complex scientific issues that will face them in the future. In addition to continuing to teach existing courses such as “Life Sciences: The Way Life Works” and “Natural Disasters and Society”, the Science Unit staff has developed new courses” Understanding Evolution”, “Ecology: Science and the Environment”, and “the Natural History of Hong Kong” (to be taught for the first time Term 2, 2016-17).


The Science Unit is currently developing a science laboratory that will support the research functions of academic staff as well as to allow students to gain research experience. We will incorporate more hands-on science in the future as this resource is available.

Recent Publications

• Jargalmaa S, Park MS, Park JY, Fong JJ, Jang Y, Lim YW. Taxonomic study of the genus Abundisporus in Korea. Mycobiology (2015) 43: 225-230.

• Cho HJ, Park MS, Lee H, Oh S-Y, Jang Y, Fong JJ, Lim YW (2015) Four new species of Amanita in Inje County, Korea. Mycobiology 43: 408-414.

Fong JJ, Li P-P, Yang B-T, Zhou Z-Y, Leache AD, Min M-S, Waldman B. Influence of geology and human activity on the genetic structure and demography of the Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis). (2015) Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 97: 69-75.


The Science Unit will share the excitement of modern scientific advances with the Lingnan, Tuen Mun, and Hong Kong communities through a public lecture series. Presentations by Lingnan academic staff will be augmented by local speakers and by visiting professors from abroad. Profs. McGinley and Fong are participating in the Elder Academy Program, inviting elder students to audit their courses. Ecology: Science and Environment will be taught in the Service-Learning format for the first time in Term 1 (2016-17). Students in this course will enhance their content knowledge of ecology and environmental biology by working with local primary students.


A group photo taken before Prof. McGinley’s seminar on Asian biodiversity in April 2016.


Elderly students expressed appreciation to Prof. Fong for his wonderful teaching in April 2016.


Students of all ages discussed about the assignment for the course Natural Disasters: Science and Society.



Prof. McGinley shared his insight on coral reefs in February 2016.


Peer learning through poster presentations for Prof. Fong’s course Life Science: The way life works.



Students explored science through the lens of the microscopes.