Mr.Louis Wing On

President, Hong Kong Chinese Industry & Commerce Asssociation
President, Chinese Progressive Association (Hong Kong)
President, Wing On Professional Group
President, Accounting Associates Alliance

Mr. Louis Wing On



Principle Liaison Officer For Hong Kong
Predisdent, The Internat Professional Association

Mr. Eva Chan

Dr. Witman HUNG, JP

CEO, The Certizen Management
Secretary General, The Asia Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Consortium

Dr.Witman Hung

Dr. George LAM

President, Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong
President, Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation

Dr.eorge LAM

Professor ANG Soo Ken, James  

Associate Professor, The Business School, National University of Singapore

Professor ANG Soo Ken,James

Professor CHEN Youhua Frank   

Professor and Head, Department of Management Sciences, Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong

Professor CHEN Youhua Frank

Professor LAM Wai   

Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor LAM Wai