The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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hkifcHong Kong is a prominent international financial centre and our BBA Finance Stream has been a favourite choice of many students who aspire to a career in finance. The insurance sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the financial services industry in Hong Kong. Our BBA Risk and Insurance Management Programme aims to provide high quality graduates to meet the increasing demand in corporate and managerial positions in the insurance sector. In order to maximize synergy and consolidate our resources, the Department of Finance and Insurance was created to host the above two highly important and related streams. There are currently nine full-time academic staff members in the Department of Finance and Insurance, all with substantial teaching experience in Hong Kong and at reputable overseas universities. Furthermore, our academic staff have industry experience and are professionally qualified. They also publish in leading international refereed journals such as the Management Science, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Risk and Insurance and the Journal of Corporate Finance. The Department offers both undergraduate BBA (Finance) and BBA (Risk and Insurance Management) and post-graduate (M.Phil.) degree programmes.

Student Achievements

[17 November 2015] President's Award 2015 - FUNG Ho Wing Vanessa (FIN Student) has obtained the highest cumulative G.P.A. among all graduates in 2015 and awarded the President’s Award 2015.

[20 January 2015] Lingnan Team is selected and sponsored to represent the KPMG (China) to join KPMG International Case Competition, which will be held in Dubai in April 2015.

[4 January 2015] Lingnan University Team won the Champion in KPMG Business Administration Paper 2014.

[29 November 2014] Lingnan University Team won the 2nd runner-up in The Qualification Programme (QP) Case Analysis Competition 2014.

[15 November 2014] A team of 4-student (Finance Students) have participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2014-2015, hosted by The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (HKSFA).

[20 October 2014] SIDDIQUI Manaal (RIM Student) has obtained the highest cumulative G.P.A. among all graduates in 2014 and awarded the President’s Award 2014.

[6 September 2014] Lingnan University Team obtained the Consolation Prize in SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards 2014.

Seminar / Career Talk

[8 April 2016] Guest Lecture - Corporate Governance and Insurance, by Mr. Benjamin Tang, Commissioner Of Insurance (2000-2003), Director Of Audit (2003-2012), The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

[7 April 2016] Academic Seminar - Market Discipline and Government Guarantees: Evidence from the Insurance Industry, by Ms. Yiling Deng

[1 April 2016] Guest Seminar - Insurance Fintech - The Current World Experiences and China Experiences, by Mr. C.F Yam, Mr. C.F. Yam, Independent Risk And Actuarial Professional

[10 March 2016] Recruitment Talk - Aon Hong Kong Limited; Position: Management Associate, Summer Internship

[10 March 2016] Academic Seminar - "Personal Life Security, Nonmonetary Benefits and Executive Compensation: Evidence from Stand Your Ground Laws", by Mr. Xiaofeng Zhao

[9 March 2016] Industry Event - "Speed dating": Insurance Students Meet the Industry, by HILA

[7 March 2016] Academic Seminar - Institutional Investors, Investment and Innovation: A Regression-Discontinuity Design, by Dr. Long Yi

[1 March 2016] Recruitment Talk - Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong); Position: Claims Apprentice Program 2016

[29 February 2016] Recruitment Talk - Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited; Position: Assistant Personal Banking Manager (Officer Trainee)

[20 January 2016] Company Visit cum Career Talk at UBS AG (瑞銀 香港)

[6 Oct 2015] Academic Seminar - "Is High Cash Flow a Blessing or a Curse? Evidence from Bidder's Long-term Performance." - by Prof. Wilson TONG, Professor of School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

[27 May 2015] Academic Seminar - State Ownership and Earnings Management around Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from China, by Dr. Steven X. Wei, Associate Professor, School of Accounting and Finance, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

[13 April 2015] Career Talk - Graduate Employment and Summer Internship Opportunities in Aon Hong Kong Limited