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Orientation for hostel staff to provide training

16 Feb 2017

Orientation for hostel staff to provide training

Hostel life is an essential part of Lingnan’s campus life and liberal arts education. Hostel tutors are one of the major forces to enrich students’ hostel experience. The pastoral care, encouragement and advice from hostel tutors are invaluable to students which facilitate them to benefit the most from hostel education. To better prepare hostel staff members for taking up their roles in student hostels, a series of staff development activities has been organised by Student Services Centre in 2017.


Organised by Student Services Centre (SSC), the Hostel Staff Orientation was held on 16 February. The Orientation included a briefing to provide hostel staff with information about student hostels and a workshop on student case handling, enhancing hostel tutors’ understanding of the University’s mission on full residence, hostel policies and management, as well as tutors’ roles and responsibilities. The Orientation also introduced the support of counsellors to Warden Offices, strengthening tutors’ attitudes and skills in case management. In the presence of Prof Mark McGinley, Warden of Tsung Tsin Association Hall Fok Cho Min Hall, and 12 hostel tutors, the Orientation provided an opportunity for hostel staff to mingle and share experiences.


Conducted by an SSC counsellor, a two-day Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course was tailor-made for 10 hostel tutors on 4 and 18 February. This basic training course taught hostel tutors how to help students who are developing mental health problems or in a mental health crisis. Hostel tutors also learned about the community resources for professional treatment and how to make use of suitable resources.

Orientation for hostel staff to provide training  Orientation for hostel staff to provide training