As a university located in the north-western New Territories, having an ethos of "Education for Service" and an orientation of liberal arts education, the University tries every means to provide students with not only opportunities for participation in an active campus life but also experiences to concern for the welfare of the community. Community service experiences will help our students to develop a right attitude in life, to improve communication skill, to raise the level of social awareness, and to activate own potentials.

Lingnan University is now a member organization of the Volunteer Movement organised by the Hong Kong Government. Students are encouraged to join various volunteer services launched by Student Associations and clubs of the Students' Union such as the Social Services Association, the Rotaract Club and so on. Information on various volunteer work is put on the notice board of SSC and selected information will also be sent to all students by e-mail.

Community Services:

Lingnan Off-campus Volunteer Experience Lingnan Off-campus Volunteer Experience
Project X
Air Cadet
Best Buddies

Community Services Awards :
 - W.T. Chan Fellowships program
 - Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students

 - Hang Seng Bank Community Service Scholarship
 - Dr. and Mrs. James Tak Wu Awards for Outstanding Service
 - Lingnan Education Organization Ambassadors Programme - Leadership and Service Scholarships


Guidelines for non-local students

Non-local students who wish to take up voluntary community services are encouraged to join our programmes in Lingnan Off-campus Volunteers Experience. Here are the instructions:

1. Fill in and submit the relevant application form for the programmes.

2. Hand in a copy of your VISA / passport, HK Identity Card and student ID card to Ms. Dilys Li, Student Services Centre

3. SSC will seek the permission from Immigration Department for you to perform voluntary service. SSC will notify you when the Immigration Department has granted permission and you can start your community service.

4. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Us via Email:


Community Services
Tel: 2616 7333
Fax: 2616 5704
Office: AM316, 3/F Amenities Building