What is Mentoring?Mentoring is a relational process through which a mentor empower a mentee or facilitates a menteeˇ¦s personal development by sharing his / her experience. ˇ@

Mentoring Programmes in Lingnan

To enrich studentsˇ¦ education experience, Student Services Centre offers a series of mentoring programmes to provide students opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. Mentoring programmes in Lingnan University are classified into TWO main areas.

iPeer Mentoring Programme

This programme offers students chance to have mutual experience exchange and interpersonal assistance in order to develop a harmonious and supportive university life. The mentees (Year One students) could take benefit from their mentors (Year Two and Three students) experiences in various aspect of university life. Meanwhile, mentors are to learn assuming responsibilities and care for others.

ii Career Mentoring Programme

This programme familiarizes students to the skills, attitudes and values required to be successful in the workplace. Experienced professionals from different work fields are invited to be mentors to develop studentsˇ¦ understanding of the work world and facilitate studentsˇ¦ career planning so as to build up their confidence in job seeking.

 Lingnanian Career Mentoring Programme

Alumni of the Lingnan University from different career fields are invited to be mentors to share their study experience in Lingnan, the development of their successful career path and their working experiences with the final year students.


 Leadership Mentoring Programme

Leadership Mentoring Programme (LMP) offers a group of Lingnan students to match with mentors from the Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association (HKPASEA). Through the guidance and support from the mentors during the mentoring period, students will have an opportunity to learn from their mentors on their life experience, career success and leadership skills.