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Counselling Services

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Aim of Counselling Services          

Counselling services aim to enhance students personal development for rewarding university experience, promote skills and attitudes for a smooth transition and adaptation to university life; and assist students to embrace challenges and achieve academic success.

Key features of our services are psychological counselling and assessment; orientation sessions for non-local undergraduate and postgraduate students; services for students with special needs; and support for academic and hostel staff.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00am - 12:30pm
1:30pm - 5:15pm
Saturday 9:00am - 12:30pm


To make appointment Tel: 2616 7024
  Email: counsel@LN.edu.hk
  Location: SSC counter (G/F, Dorothy Y L Wong Building)
Ms Joanne Tso Tel: 2616 7400
(Counsellor) Email: joannetso@ln.edu.hk
  Location: WYL G01/15
Ms Jane Tsoi Tel: 2616 7031
(Assistant Counsellor) Email: janetsoi@LN.edu.hk
  Location: WYL G01/09
Ms Sally Cheung Tel: 2616 7401
(Clinical Psychologist) Email: sallycheung@LN.edu.hk
  Location: WYL G01/13


To make an appointment, please reach us at 2616 7024, email: counsel@LN.edu.hk or in person at SSC. All information collected will be kept confidential, and be destroyed three years after the student graduates from/leave the University. Any information shared during the counselling session will be kept strictly confidential. No information would be released to anyone including academic departments, administrative departments or students' family members without your consent. However, the rule of confidentiality will NOT apply when: (a) you or other people may be in jeopardy; and/or (b) legal responsibilities are involved.