New Student Orientation 大學迎新

NSO 2017
23 to 25 August 2017                                                    


Application for Peer Mentors

Application Result

 1) Successful Applicants 

Successful applicants please collect the official letter, the undertaking form and the important dates for new students at SSC. Completed forms should be returned to SSC no later than 5pm, 12 April 2017Otherwise they will be assumed to decline the offer assigned.  Their offers will be given to other students on the waiting list.

1.1) Applicants on Academic Exchange

Applicant will receive a notification by e-mail individually.   Completed forms should be returned to Ms Sita Wong through email to by 12 April 2017 (Hong Kong Time).

1.2) Preference of Partner

Successful applicants can indicate their preference of partner through the undertaking form.  Students who have not indicated their preference of partner will be assigned randomly.  Late submission or chosen more than one partner will not be processed.

1.3) Decline Offer

Students who would like to decline the offer should write to SSC through email to

 2) Applicants on reserve

Applicants on reserve list will be contacted by phone or email should there be any student withdrawing from the programme.

Applicants whose name is not on either list please assume your application unsuccessful.


NSO Peer Mentor Training

22 July 2017 from 8:45am to 8pm

Students without completing the NSO Peer Mentors Training will not be allowed to be the peer mentor.

Apply for Exemption

This exemption procedure only applies to internships or exchange programmes referred by the University, other internships or exchange programmes which students get by themselves from outside will not be considered. 


Exemption Application Procedures

If you plan to apply for exemption from NSO training, you should write to Student Services Centre (SSC) and provide documentary proof of the internship or exchange programme for consideration.  Please submit to Ms Sita Wong at SSC counter or email to before 19 May 2017.