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Student Ambassador Programme

Student Ambassador Programme 2021-22Preamble 

Lingnan University (LU) Student Ambassador Programme aims at grouping passionate students to assist with University’s undergraduate outreaching activities while enriching students’ learning experiences at LU.  



•    To develop and strengthen students’ leadership skills and presentation techniques by participating in various training workshops or outreaching activities 
•    To enrich students’ university life experience and broaden their social exposure 
•    To deepen students’ sense of belonging to LU
•    To project a positive spirit of LU to the public 



Student ambassadors must be willing: 
•    To promote LU and praise the achievements of the University 
•    To interact with external guests, alumni and students
•    To serve and show respect of people 



•    Participation in large-scale events 
•    Great variety of activities and intensive trainings   
•    Plenty of outreach opportunities 
•    Communications with people at all levels 
•    Knowing like-minded friends across facilities 



•    Certificate of appreciation 
•    Record of services
•    Testimonial 
•    Invaluable learning experiences


Join now! Enrich your U-life 

For more details, please contact us at 2616-8782.