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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)

BSocSc Overview - Broadening scope with five options 

Streams for Senior Year Admission

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) programme is an integral part of Lingnan’s liberal arts mission. It emphasises interdisciplinary training in social sciences, while offering students the choice to major in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology or in the interdisciplinary Social and Public Policy Studies stream.

Each major has a distinct set of high-level courses to ensure sufficient breadth and depth of study. 


The Discipline Major in Economics opens students’ eyes to the economist’s way of thinking. It helps them gain insights into how the economy works and how members of society can make better choices, collectively or as individuals.

Political Science

The Discipline Major in Political Science is mainly concerned with the nature and governance of the modern state, focusing on party politics, electoral systems, and the distribution of power. It also covers areas such as public policy and international politics, developments in Hong Kong, changes in Northeast and Southeast Asia, environment and society, international law, and the politics of sport.  


Courses for the Discipline Major in Psychology have an applied focus to give students the background knowledge and methodologies to understand human adjustments in relation to occupational health psychology, social psychology and human-computer interaction. Students can take courses making up a Counselling Psychology Concentration. 


In turn, the Discipline Major in Sociology enhances understanding of fundamental principles of social life. It involves the systematic study of social institutions and transformations, so that students have the tools to understand the world in a way that goes beyond commonsense notions of everyday life. 

Social and Public Policy Studies Stream

The Social and Public Policy Studies Stream is particularly concerned with policies as they relate to ongoing changes in the local, regional and global environment. The stream provides interdisciplinary perspectives which enhance the ability to analyse social and public policy issues and debates.

For Senior Year Admission (applicable to students admitted to Year 3 from 2019-20)
In addition to the above three Discipline Majors (Economics, Political Science and Sociology) and the Social and Public Policy Studies Stream, the following are also available for selection by Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) students admitted to Year 3 from 2019-20 onwards:


Discipline Major in Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration 

As mentioned above, Psychology students admitted to Year 3 from 2019-20 are required to pursue the Counselling Psychology Concentration.

Counselling Psychology is a growing mental-health service specialty within the field of applied psychology. It is concerned with the psycho-social, vocational and developmental aspects of people’s lives. It seeks to enhance the quality of life and effectiveness of people’s functioning through handling mental health issues and facilitating human development and adjustment, both at individual and organisational levels. The new Counselling Psychology Concentration is designed to prepare graduates for future postgraduate training in counselling-related professions and for entry-level positions in human service agencies (e.g. social work, school psychology, healthcare, human resources) where counselling skills are necessary. This Concentration requires the completion of the five counselling-related courses offered by the Department of Applied Psychology, namely Human Development and Psychology of Adulthood, Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Testing and Assessment, Stress and Coping: Theory and Practices, and Counselling Psychology.


Health and Social Services Management Stream


The Health and Social Services Management Stream aims to train students in practical and theoretical skills and knowledge in leading and managing social care initiatives and institutions.  Students are trained to develop the skills to initiate and assist in implementing health promotion and disease prevention strategies in the provision of social care services. The stream focuses on five key areas:

  1. Ageing and vulnerability issues,
  2. Efficient social care delivery,
  3. Cultural awareness and competence,
  4. Leadership and management skills, and
  5. Community engagement.


International Economy and Politics Stream


The International Economy and Politics Stream recognises the growing intersections of international economics and politics in the shaping of world affairs. It offers students rigorous training in both fields to enable them to understand important international developments that affect the world community. By developing dual competence in international economics and politics, the stream also prepares students for different careers in international business and international relations.