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New Common Core Courses

CCC8011 Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation (Designated for Year 1 students, effective 2018-19)
The primary aim of this course is to teach first-year students the basic but crucial skills of analyzing problems, evaluating inferences, and presenting arguments for or against claims or decisions. Students will acquire these skills by learning about the basic concepts and methods of critical thinking, and by working through problem solving exercises requiring them to employ these concepts and methods. Students will further develop these skills by producing extended arguments defending what they take to be the correct responses to accessible but challenging real issues and problems. The course also aspires to instill in students an open and inquiring attitude, so that students are more willing to look for reasons for and against their views, and more willing to change their views in the face of evidence. Hence, it is hoped that students will develop a habit of reasoning carefully upon completion of this course.


CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong (Designated for Year 1 students, effective 2017-18)
This inter-disciplinary course introduces students to essential facts and knowledge on the nature of society, politics and economy in contemporary Hong Kong. Through historical perspectives, students will be able to develop local as well as global perspectives on Hong Kong society, and will consider implications for future policy and practice.


CCC8013 The Process of Science (Designated for Year 2 students, effective 2019-20)
This course will introduce students to the process of science and the role that science plays in today’s world. Students will meet twice per week in two 1.5 hour blocks, that will take two thrusts—lecture and tutorial/lab. The lecture portion will develop the students’ understanding of how science works, the role of science in the world, and introduce some of the great challenges in science and technology facing the human population today. Instructional methods will include lectures, short videos, small group class activities, and individual reflection and writing. The lab portion will introduce students to the process of science and allow them to conduct their own independent research project. Where appropriate, this course will use technology to allow “flipped classrooms”.


CCC8014 China in World History (Designated for Year 2 students, effective 2019-20)
This common core course focuses on China’s political, economic and cultural interactions with the rest of the world from ancient times to the present, and the impact of such contacts on both China and the world. Through analyzing some important historical events and topics grouped under four major themes, the course will examine China’s changing relations with the major regions of the world, China’s contacts with the other parts of the world, the changing mutual perceptions of China and the rest of the world, and comparisons of Chinese practices and institutions and those of other regions.


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Intended Learning Outcomes of the Common Core (CCILOs)