The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Reform of Core Curriculum

The reform of the Core Curriculum was a careful and considered response to the experience gained from the implementation of the pioneering Core Curriculum back in 2012-13.


Key changes in the new Common Core will be a new science courses “The Process of Science”, a newly-designed course “Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation”, an enhanced version of “The Making of Hong Kong” with added global elements, and an enhanced world history course entitled “China in World History”.


The requirement of four Common Core courses will remain unchanged while the number of required cluster courses will be reduced from 7 to 5 (one from each cluster), with the flexibility of allowing students to take 2 additional cluster courses as free electives.


The new Core Curriculum structure will take effect starting 2018-19.




The four Common Core courses are fundamental pillars of the liberal arts curriculum provided in Lingnan. In the new structure, students are expected to relate the analytical and critical thinking skills acquired in CCC8001 Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation, and the scientific methodologies learnt in CCC8013 The Process of Science to their senior year courses that are intellectually more demanding. The other two Common Core courses CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong and CCC8013 China in World History are to shape responsible global citizens for society. Both courses challenge students to critically reflect upon social, historical and political issues from a unique position in which we stand today. Students are expected to communicate effectively in forms of written, oral and projects that will essentially prepare them for senior years and future life.


Distribution of Core Curriculum Credits (effective starting 2018-19)



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