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Lingnan Developments



As Lingnan University will be approaching its 50th Anniversary, the University community will launch a series of celebratory activities starting from the fall in 2017 for teachers, students, alumni, friends and the public to get together and review the achievements of the University since its re-establishment.






Distinguished Heritage. Distinctive Future.

Founded in Guangzhou in 1888 and reestablished in Hong Kong in 1967, Lingnan University aspires to become a leading Asian liberal arts university with international recognition, distinguished by outstanding teaching, learning, scholarship and community engagement. With the longest history among the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, Lingnan University takes pride in the provision of quality whole-person education by combining the best of Chinese and Western liberal arts traditions; a combination of liberal arts with specialised disciplinary education, including professional and pre-professional education; and an optimal balance between teaching and research. 2017 is a year for the University to capitalise on its past success and strive for new heights as it reaches its golden jubilee.


50th Anniversary logo

The 50th Anniversary logo was designed to celebrate this important milestone. The gold colour of the logo represents the golden jubilee of the University while the graphic symbol of infinity (∞) represents the University’s continuous growth beyond 50 years. The logo also incorporates the red and grey Lingnan emblem which reminds Lingnanians of their Lingnan family wherever they are. The English and Chinese abbreviations of Lingnan University as well as the University emblem are nicely integrated with the number “50”.

50th Anniversary Logo


Getting ready for the year-long celebration

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, the University will organise an array of activities on the theme of “Liberal Arts Education · Transformation For Life”, which is also the new brand promise of Lingnan University. The celebratory events will also portray our brand essence, enrich the public understanding of Lingnan and strengthen the bond among Lingnanians. The major events and activities include:


Launch ceremony :

A launch ceremony is scheduled on 19 September 2017 to kickstart the year-long celebrations. Activities include a 1967-2017 flag parade, performances and a Lingnan history photo exhibition.


Gala dinner :

A banquet will be held at the Grand Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20 January 2018. The event provides an opportunity of reunion for local and overseas honourable guests, former and current Council and Court members, donors, faculty, alumni, students and friends.


Liberal arts conference :

Titled “Liberal Arts Education in an Asian Context: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives”, the conference will bring together educators and experts from around the world, especially Asia, to discuss the traditions and development of liberal arts education.


Anniversary publication and book launch :

A 50th Anniversary publication depicting the memories of 50 Lingnanians about the University will be published by the end of 2017, and a book launch will be held to publicise the Lingnan stories.


Finale concert :

A concert will be held at the Grand Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre in September 2018, featuring spectacular performances of singing, dance and drama by various artists as well as Lingnan faculty, alumni and students.


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