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Mini action, huge impact

Mini action, huge impact

The Mini Action Research Project (“MAR Project”) got its name “mini” because it targets on achieving specific learning outcomes in a course, explained the project leader Prof Preet Hiradhar of Department of English. Earlier this year, the cyclical process of “feedback, reflection and action” in teaching and learning earned its recognition when the MAR Project Team led by Prof Hiradhar received the Certificate of Merit in the Teaching Excellence Team Award Presentation Ceremony.


First initiated by Prof Hiradhar in the academic year 2014/15, the MAR Project immediately saw success in Department of English. As opposed to traditional Course and Teaching Evaluation which is done at the end of the semester, the MAR Project encourages teachers to receive feedbacks from students and adjust their teaching pedagogy throughout the whole course. “The idea is simple but effective,” said Prof Hiradhar.


The MAR Project has been adopted by teachers across faculties in the past two years and was formalised   as the Transform Outcomes Through Action Learning Programme (“TOTAL Teacher Programme”) in the academic year 2016/17.