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Recipients of President’s Award share transformative experience at Lingnan

During the Congregation held on 23 November, two Lingnan graduates received the President’s Award 2017 for their outstanding achievements.


Shirley Au Suet-sze


One of the awardees is accounting graduate Shirley Au Suet-sze, who describes Lingnan as a great place that provides students with opportunities and resources to unleash their full potentials.


By participating in an exchange programme, Shirley had the chance to study for one semester at Pace University in New York City, US, where she studied Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. “It was really fruitful to learn new knowledge and experience a different culture,” Shirley says enthusiastically.


Aspiring to develop a career in the accounting field, Shirley has joined various workshops and training courses, such as Career Empowerment Programme. “After the training, I felt more confident in job interviews, and better able to manage interpersonal relations at work,” says Shirley.


Now, Shirley is working in one of the big four accounting firms as an auditor. With a passion to serve the community, she hopes to advance the public interests with her professional knowledge.


Shirley Au Suet-sze


Leung Hin-shing


Another awardee is social science graduate Leung Hin-shing.


“I found great joy in learning during my undergraduate studies, and therefore I devoted great effort on acquiring new knowledge, which in turn paved the way for my postgraduate studies,” he says. His aspiration to become a scholar was further strengthened when he was given a chance to be a student helper in the Department of Economics.


Apart from pursuing academic excellence, Hin-shing was also exposed to valuable out-of-class experiences such as living in hostel. “Hostel life is special to me. As the only child in my family, I treasure the time talking and playing with my hallmates, who are like brothers to me,” he says.


Having a motto “To be humble, to listen and to think, to ask and dare to know”, Hin-shing is now advancing his knowledge by studying the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance at Lingnan, and moving a step closer to his dreams.


Leung Hin-shing