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Prof. Paulina Wong


Key research areas

  • Air pollution, urban climate, GIS modeling and environmental health
  • Environmental impact assessments with particular reference to health-related problems in Hong Kong

Selected publications

  • Low, C.T., Stimson, R., Chen, Si., Cerin, E., Wong, P.Y.P., Lai, P.C. (2017) Personal and Neighbourhood indicators of quality of urban life: a case study of Hong Kong, Social Indicators Research, 136 (2), 751-773
  • Low, C.T., Lai, P.C., Li, H.D., Ho, W.K., Wong, P.P.Y., Chen, S., Wong, W.C. (2016) Neighbourhood effects on body constitution - a case study of Hong Kong. Social Science and Medicine, 158, 61-74
  • Zhang, J.J., Wong, P.P.Y. Lai, P.C. (2018) A geographic analysis of hosts’ irritation levels towards mainland Chinese cross-border daytrippers, Tourism Management, 68, 367-374
  • Thach, T.Q., Tsang, H., Lai, P., Lee, R.S., Wong, P.P.Y. (2019) Longterm effects of traffic exposures on mortality in a Chinese cohort, Journal of Transport and Health, 14, 100609


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