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Office of the Comptroller

Services Provided



  • Maintain proper books of accounts for all activities of the University
  • Prepare the published financial report annually
  • Co-ordinate annual statutory audit
  • Prepare annual Government/UGC returns
  • Formulate financial plan
  • Prepare annual and mid-year budgets
  • Provide financial advice to departments/offices
  • Provide monthly financial reports to departments/offices


  • Payments to staff, students and suppliers
  • Fees collection
  • Treasury

  • Pay salaries and benefits to all full-time and part-time staff members
  • Prepare salaries tax returns
  • Make contributions to the MPF scheme
  • Process housing benefits, passage and baggage allowances

  • Compile and consolidate user requirements for all system enhancements/developments
  • Offer automation solutions to users
  • Provide staff training and support on application systems

  • Procure goods/services for departmental users
    • Enforce the Purchasing & Tendering Procedures of the University
    • Widen the sources of supply with an eSupplier system
    • Expedite the delivery of goods/services
    • Record goods receipts in the system
  • Keep fixed asset records and perform stock-take
  • Maintain a store for standard stationery and furniture
  • Provide printing services
  • Manage general insurance
  • Courier express services
  • Souvenir sales
  • Disburse petty cash to claimants
  • Serve as cashier to collect income
  • Man the general enquiry hotline

  • Raise capital and AA&I funding requests to the UGC with reference to the development needs of the University
  • Manage building and AA&I projects, including Cost & Contract Management
  • Provide technical advice on E & M and builder’s work
  • Co-ordinate with the Government and other relevant authorities for the statutory submissions of projects

  • Manage the car fleet of University
  • Manage mailing service
  • Provide messenger service 
  • Provide moving/removal services
  • Provide tea & coffee service 
  • Manage the Visitors’ Quarters
  • Manage the summer letting for the hostels
  • Provide venue set-up and logistic support to events
  • Manage classroom/venue booking
  • Manage the booking of Chan Tak Tai Auditorium

  • Manage Campus Support Service including the outsourced contractors for facilities management, security, cleaning, landscaping, pest control and, repair and maintenance
    • Formulate the Maintenance Master Plan for the Campus
    • Manage the access/traffic control 
    • Maintain key system and handle request for key duplication
  • Manage the parking space for car/bicycle and handle the application for car/bicycle parking label
  • Manage the sports facilities and handle walk-in bookings and application of sports facilities card
  • Provide front desk service for check-in/out and room recovery for hostels
  • Space Planning and Management
    • Handle requests for space
    • Administer the facilities management system 
    • Conduct annual space audit 
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability
    • Review and monitor the implementation of Safety Manual
    • Provide health and safety advice based on latest legislation and good practices
    • Monitor the performance of contractors and ensure that their work in the University complied with the health and safety legislation
    • Promote sustainability initiatives
    • Review and monitor the implementation of recycling and energy saving measures

General Enquiry

Phone 2616 8888
Office Location AD 105, 1/F,
Wong Administration Building,
Lingnan University

Office hours

Monday to Friday:
9:00am – 12:30pm; 
1:30pm – 5:36pm

Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays