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Exploring urban commons

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Economics, I Can Do! Book Cover

Economics, I Can Do!
by Dr. CHOW Sung Ming

Chang Ha-Joon, Reader of Cambridge University once said, people tend to think that economics is difficult, and should be left for the experts; even economists share the same mood, it should better be left to us!

Nevertheless, everybody engage in economic activities everyday. Can’t we just understand economics with common sense? Suffocated by technical jargons, can economics really help us to better grasp economic reality? Or, are they merely chicaneries misleading the whole world……including top government officials who often suffer from Intellectual disability?!

It is time to awaken, and let us demystify economics together!

Social Economy

不一樣的香港社會經濟 : 超越資本主義社會的想像
Edited by Pun Ngai, Fung Yi Chan, Ching Hua Anita Koo, Lo Yin Yee

Publisher: the Commercial Press
Year: 2013




Video series exploring local and international case studies of urban commons


Where Transformation Begins

Developing urban commons: from social innovation to the sharing economy to cooperative platforms

Ms. Ada WONG Ying-kay JP (Chairperson, Good Lab Foundation)

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Go Global • Enrich Life

Practising community economy in Tin Shui Wai: the case of Tin Zi Zok Wai (天姿作圍)

Ms. Janis FAN (Tin Zi Zok Wai)

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We Learn • We Serve • We Change

Community food waste recycling and farming

Lab0ver (food waste education)
Dr. Chow Sze Chung (Co-founder, Sanwoodgoon)

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Our Campus Our Life

"Kitchen incubator": the case of Sharing Kitchen (共廚家作)

Ms. CHAN Ping Fung (Sharing Kitchen)

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