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Learning Outcomes

The two overarching aims of our 4-year programme are:

  1. To produce citizens with cross-disciplinary cultural knowledge and cultural research skills
  2. To educate our graduates with critical and practical knowledge that would be applicable to a diverse range of cultural employment opportunities, including media and cultural industries, education, business, public services and community work.

The programme learning outcomes remain well-articulated with the two overarching aims stated above. The goal of the BACS will be to develop and refine students’ intellectual and creative capacities as well as their community-oriented knowledge and consciousness, while also equipping them with:

  1. Demonstrated skills in critical writing and judgment, and media and textual analysis;
  2. A capacity for creative thinking in applied cultural scenarios
  3. Skills in cross-cultural communication and self-reflexive analysis
  4. Tools for the conceptualization and execution of cultural engagement, planning and management.