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Why Cultural Studies?

In keeping with the liberal arts mission of the University to cultivate flexible, humanistic, value-oriented skills and knowledge, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme in Cultural Studies (BACS) is designed toprovide a challenging bilingual education to enable students:

(1) To engage actively in the contemporary analysis of culture; to become sensitive to, and have a critical perspective on, the issues of identity, value and emotion with which the various forms of culture are concerned;

(2) To learn to investigate the complex interplay between the modern self, society and history through intensive work in an inter-disciplinary curriculum; to learn how the multiple perspectives with which people approach the world today are crucial to our understanding of contemporary cultural realities; and

(3) To open themselves intellectually to the diverse issues that have been transforming the wider conditions of life in the contemporary world, so as to develop a capacity for independent judgment on the cultural practices and social institutions they encounter today.

Our curriculum is designed to help students:

  1. To acquire a solid grounding in the humanities, as well as to develop the intellectual and linguistic ability to express themselves clearly on a variety of cultural issues.
  2. To benefit from an inter-disciplinary framework of study, through which diverse approaches to culture as value, commodity and representation can be integrated.
  3. To make a comparative study of global patterns of cultural representation, imagination, and institutional formations in the modern world, and to analyse living examples of contemporary culture in various local and regional contexts.
  4. To form a critical perspective on the social and historical forms of cultural practice in an Asian cosmopolitan city such as Hong Kong, and to develop an understanding of local cases in the light of international and inter-Asian Cultural Studies.
  5. To cultivate a firm sense of self-orientation in their social life and career, as well as to reflect critically and creatively upon the current cultural situation and changing historical condition of Hong Kong in particular and China in general, through grasping the significance of seeing Hong Kong ‘in the world’.