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Minor in Performance Studies

The interdisciplinary Minor in Performance Studies, administered by the Department of Cultural Studies, involves courses from six programmes in the University: Chinese, Cultural Studies, English, History, Visual Studies, and Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit.

Performance Studies is an interdisciplinary field, which considers performance as its object of analysis, method of research, and a site to understand broader sociocultural issues. It considers a wide range of performance from staged and time-based artistic representations (dance, theatre, opera, music concerts) to cultural performance (festivals, religious ceremonies, sporting events) to embodiment of identity and everyday life (gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity, nation-ness). By understanding performance capaciously, students minoring in performance studies are able to combine theories and practice. This is achieved based on both critical analysis and experiential learning of performance as a critical term and medium itself. Since it was offered in 2014, students minoring in performance studies have worked in the visual art and performing arts sector and been active in community organizing.

Declaration in or before Term 1, 2020-21

Declaration in or after Term 2, 2020-21