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BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies 2022-23

嶺南大學文化研究系 - 創建共同體:文化研究在香港
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies - Creating Commons: Cultural Studies in Hong Kong

Online Classroom Tester

One of the unique features of Cultural Studies courses is ‘to bring the world into our classrooms’. Teachers often engage students by applying theories with ‘real’ examples, so as to generate critical reflection among students. As importantly, teachers regularly invite experts, relevant organizations and stakeholders to give guest talks, during which they share their knowledge, experience and reflections to facilitate discussions.

We are sharing with you extracts of guest talks from three courses. We sincerely welcome you to ‘experience’ our course contents, also as a way to gain an insight into our Undergraduate Programme through these ‘taster classes’.

Guest Lecture ‘Cinema in Hong Kong and Postmodernism’- by Prof. Li Siu Leung (Hong Kong Popular Culture course)

Guest Lecture ‘LGBTQ Media and Archiving in Hong Kong – Queer Reads Library Sharing Session’ by Beatrix Pang &Kaitlin Chan(Media, Gender and Sexuality course)

To review the full version of these guest lectures, please click here.


Theme Talk – Reflection on the Authenticity of Cantopop - by Prof. Yvonne Yau

BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies Overview

Generating ideas and transforming lives­­

“Culture” refers to the ideas we have and the values we hold, as well as the common way of life we share. As a new discipline, Cultural Studies includes the analysis of a wide range of works including art and literature, urban commons and popular culture, migration and labor, gender and sexuality, digital and media culture, and other living forms of social practice. 

The programme, with a solid grounding in the interdisciplinary training, is designed to produce citizens with cross-disciplinary knowledge and equip our students with critical and practical knowledge. Faculty members have diverse interests and areas of expertise, covering reflexive cultural theories, digital humanities, Marxist or postcolonial theories, Hong Kong studies and Great China studies. They provide a challenging bilingual education to enable students to engage in analysis of culture and society, to be aware of the complex interplay between the self, society and history, to be sensitive to the diversity of perspectives, and to open themselves intellectually to the changing conditions of life in the contemporary world. Students acquire skills in critical writing, analysis and judgment, and a capacity for cultural engagement, planning and management.  

Generous scholarships, internships & exchange

In addition to scholarships offered by the University, a number of other awards are available specifically for students taking the BA (Hons) Cultural Studies. They include

  • Department of Cultural Studies Scholarship
  • the Cultural Studies Alumni Scholarship

Our internship and international exchange programmes give students opportunities to put into practice what they have learnt in real-world social situations and professional settings. Our internship partners range from the news media and film companies to social service organisations and community centres. We also have links with

  • theatre companies,
  • museums and
  • cultural organisations affiliated with the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) / M+ projects. 

Ready for diverse career pathways

The programme equips students with skills and cultural knowledge relevant to the global changes taking place in the age of information. It prepares them for a wide range of careers in the

  • media,
  • community service,
  • education,
  • cultural tourism,
  • the performance and arts sector,
  • cultural administration,
  • government, and
  • business.

Graduate / Student Sharing

HO, Ka Hin - BA (Hons) Cultural Studies, 2017 Graduate :

"Cultural Studies is a very unique experience. I was absolutely spoiled with immense amount of freedom in terms of studying. This is a field of study that encourages students to explore themselves, and develop their own identity during the four years of studies. It offered me many opportunities to be engaged in different parts of the society. Also, numerous skills were obtained during the process, such as video-making skills, interpersonal skills etc. It helped me develop a more thorough perspective to the world. I believe that my experience in cultural studies has made me a more open-minded person, and I learned to believe in myself in general. "

Programme Structure and Recommended Study Plan

For details of the programme structure and courses offered by the Department in a 4-year curriculum, please download the file below:

* Group A students who obtained level 3 in HKDSE English or equivalent.
  Group B students who obtained level 4 or above in HKDSE English or equivalent.

Course Descriptions

For the descriptions of our courses, please click here.
For the syllabus of courses, please click here.

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