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Prof. YAU Hoi-yan 邱愷欣

Research Assistant Professor

Tel: (852) 2616 7494
Fax: (852) 2572 5170
Location: Room 113, Ho Sin Hang Building 何善衡樓113室
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Areas of interest

Gender and sexuality; Japanese pop culture and Globalization; East Asian pop culture

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Hoi-yan Yau received her PhD in Anthropology from University College London. She has been lecturing at Lingnan University since 2014. Her main area of study to date has been gender and sexualities, porn studies, cultural formation of modern Taiwan, globalization of Japanese popular culture, especially, but not exclusively, in the context of East Asia. Her recent publications include Japanese Adult Video Industry (co-authored with H.W. Wong, Routledge, 2018), and Japanese Adult Videos in Taiwan (co-authored with H.W. Wong, Routledge, 2014).


BA (HKU); MPhil (Birmingham); PhD (UCL)

Selected publications

Scholarly Books Authored

YAU, H.Y.(50%) Censorship in Japan, Routledge, 2021, 211 Pages, Published, Referred.

YAU H.Y. (50%), Japanese Adult Video Industry, Routledge, 2018, 250 Pages, Published, Refereed.

YAU H.Y. (50%), 當日本A片遇上華人慾望:性別、性相、色情品的文化理論, Airiti Press 華藝出版社, Mar 2015, 244 Pages, Published, Non­Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), Japanese Adult Videos in Taiwan, Routledge, Apr 2014, 234 Pages, Published, Refereed

Work in Progress

YAU H.Y. (100%), Sex, Sexuality and Identity in Taiwan, Routledge, 10 Dec 2016, 250 Pages, Refereed.

YAU H.Y. (33.34%), Cultural Policies and Identity Formation in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Routledge, Summer 2015, 300 Pages, Refereed.

Scholarly Books Edited/Annotated

YAU H.Y. (50%), 日本AV女優:女性的物化與默化, Up Publications, Summer 2012, 250 Pages, Published

Book Chapters

YAU, H.Y.,(33.3%) 'Going Overseas and Evolving Locally: The Strategies of a Japanese Pink Film Company' in Ben-Ari and H.W. Wong (eds) Cultural intermediaries in East Asian film industries, Routledge, Accepted.

YAU H.Y. (50%), "How Far Can We Say that Taiwan and Hong Kong Are the Same Chinese Society?", Changing Chinese Masculinities: From imperial pillars of state to global real men, Louie, Kam (ed.), The Hong Kong University Press, Autumn 2015, 25 Pages, Published, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (100%), "中国香港地区与日本的改编歌曲", 人类学研究第陆卷, 庄孔韶 (ed.), pp. 77-­144, 浙江大学出版社, Mar 2015, Published, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), "Japanese Adult Videos in Taiwan and Hong Kong", Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia , M. McLelland and V. Mackie (ed.), pp. 414-426, Routledge, Spring 2015, Published, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), "The Legacy of Japan’s Colonial Past: Cultural Influences on Taiwanese Identity and Implications for Cross­strait Relations", The United States Between China and Japan , Rose C. and V. Teo (ed.), pp. 296-­318, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Spring 2013, Published, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), "The Politics of Cultures Is the Culture of National Identity Politics in Taiwan: “Japan” in the Nation Building of Lee Teng­hui’s Regime", Reconceptualising the Divide: identity, memory, and nationalism in Sino­ Japanese Relations, Gong G. & V. Teo (ed.), pp. 95-­118, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Autumn 2010, Published, Refereed

Journal Articles

YAU, H.Y (100%), 'Taking the Notion of Family in Different Cultures Seriously: How the succession of family business operates in terms of family logics', A Special Issue (Business is Culture or It is Nothing: Japanese and Chinese Family Business) for Journal of Business Anthropology, Accepted.

YAU, H.Y. (100%), 'Riben A-pian [Japanese adult videos) in Postwar Taiwan'. A Special issue (From Text to Commodity: The contributions of business anthropology to the Study of popular culture) for Journal of Business Anthropology, Accepted.

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "I Don’t Like Watching Japanese Adult Videos Because You Like it’: The Politics of Pornography Consumption in Taiwan", Sage Open , Vol. 4, pp. 1-11, Sage Publications, Winter 2014, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "What Does It Mean by “Being Colonized”? Reflections on the Japanese Colonial Policies in Taiwan", Journal of Group Dynamics, Vol. 30, pp. 342-360, Japan Institute for Group Dynamics, Spring 2013, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG, H.W., "The “Real Core”: The Taste of Taiwanese Men for Japanese Adult Videos", Sexualities , Vol. 15, Issue 3/4, pp. 411-­436, Sage Publications, Dec 2012, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "An Anthropology of “Applied Anthropology” in Postwar Hong Kong", Chinese Journal of Applied Anthropology, Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp. 47-87, Airti Press, Autumn 2012, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "Sex as a Ritual: Transforming Women’s Sexual Being from “Human­like” to “Animal­like” in Taiwan’", East Asia: an international quarterly, Vol. 28, Issue 1, pp. 37-­55, Springer, Autumn 2012, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (100%) , "Cover Versions in Hong Kong and Japan: Reflections on Music Authenticity", The Journal of Comparative Asian Development, Vol. 11, Issue 2, pp. 320-­348, City University of Hong Kong, Summer 2012, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "Translating Japanese Adult Movies in Taiwan: Transcending the Production­consumption Opposition’", Asian Studies Review, Vol. 34, Issue 1, pp. 19-39, Taylor and Francis, Jan 2011, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed

YAU H.Y. (50%), WONG H.W. (50%), "‘Transnational Japanese Adult Videos and the Emergence of Cable Television in Post­war Taiwan’, in .", The Journal of Comparative Asian Development, Vol. 9, Issue 2, pp. 183-217, City University of Hong Kong, Spring 2010, Published, Refereed Journal, Refereed