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Prof. ZHOU Yang 周洋

Research Assistant Professor

Office number: 2616 7443
Location: Room 103, Ho Sin Hang Building 何善衡樓103室

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Areas of interest

labour, migration, digital technologies and society, media audience, media/cultural representation and cultural politics, mediated participation, China, ethnography, participatory action research

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The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Ph.D. in Media and Communications, 2020

Renmin University of China, M.A., Communication Studies, 2015 
Feng Chia University (Taiwan), visiting fellow, Institute of History and Anthropology, 2014
Nanjing Normal University, B.A., Journalism, 2009


** journal article

  1. Zhou Y. (2022). Trapped in the platform: migration and precarity in China’s platform-based gig economy. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space (Accepted)
  2. Zhou Y and Pun N (2022). Worker Solidarity in Motion: Theorizing the intersection between social media and agential practices in the platform economy, New Media and Society (Revision submitted)
  3. Tang X and Zhou Y (2019). Social media use and political participation in rural China: A case study. China Journalism and Communication Journal (in Chinese, CSSCI Collection)
  4. Zhou Y(2014). A first look at the role of new media in the construction of collective identity in social movements: On Qidong Incident. Journal of Chongqing Business University.

** book chapter

  1. Zhou and Na (2021). The subsumption of racial discrimination: the representation of Chinese mainstream media of the maltreatment of African nationals in Guangzhou during the Covid-19 Pandemic. in Price and Harbisher (Ed.) (2021) Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Framing Public Discourse. Routledge. London
  2. Zhou Y (2016). On Habermas's theory of the colonization of the lifeworld, in Chen Lidan (Ed.) Classics in Media and Communication Studies. Renmin University of China Press. 2016. Beijing (in Chinese)

** book review

  1. Zhou Y (2021). "Dying for an iPhone". Book Review of Dying For an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn and the Lives of China's Workers by Chan, Selden and Pun. (London: Pluto Press, 2020), invited by Global Media and Communication

** translation

  1. Standing G (2011). A precariat charter: from denizens to citizens. in Yao and Su (Ed.), 2019. Bringing labour back in: Precarious workers in the global economy. Social Science Literature Press
  2. Bailenson J (2018), Experience on Demand: What virtual reality is, how it works and what it can do, the CITIC Press Group, April, co-translation with Tang Xuan   

Conference Presentation and Public Talk

  1. How gig workers perceive freedom? Flexibility, precarity and agency of gig economy in China, presented at Labour in the digital age in China Workshop, Digital Organisation and Society Research Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2021
  2. Nongmingong, ICTs and work: Platform-based labour, technological despotism and heightened control, Industry and Labour Division, Chinese Sociological Association Annual Conference, online, 2020
  3. Between factory and platform: Chinese nongmingong confronting a technologically-mediated working-class labourscape in a time of economic transition, presented at International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference, 2020, Tempere, Finland
  4. Panelist, De-urbanising digital tech/media studies in China. the IAMCR 2020, Tempere, Finland
  5. Second-Generation Factory Nongmingong, ICTs-Mediated Everyday Life and Inequalities: A Literature Review, 15th Chinese Internet Research Conference, 2017, Texas, US 
  6. A first look at the role of new media in the construction of collective identity in social movements: On Qidong Incident, presented at 2014 International Communication Association (ICA) New Media Preconference, 2014, Shanghai, China
  7. Nongmingong going online, public talk, live-streamed on Weibo, 2019