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Department of Economics


BSocSc (LU); MPhil (LU); MSc (CUHK); PhD (LU)
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department of Economics, Lingnan University

​Dr. Gary Wong is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Economics at Lingnan University. He received his PhD from the Lingnan Univeristy and MSc in Business Economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has served in several departments and units at the Lingnan University as a teaching and research staff before he joined Department of Economics. His current research focuses are on the housing economics and the Hong Kong economy.




Referred Journal:

  • Gary W.C. Wong and L.S. Ho, 2017, "Policy-driven housing cycle: The Hong Kong case of supply intervention", International Real Estate Review, 20(3), 375-396.
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Working Paper:

  • With L.S Ho, 2006, "A Survey Report on Happiness Index and Determinants of Happiness in Hong Kong 2005", CPPS working paper series, No. 177.
  • With L.S Ho, 2006, "A Survey Report on Happiness Index and Determinants of Happiness in Hong Kong 2006", CPPS Working Paper Series, No. 178.
  • Ho L.S and Gary W.C. Wong (2003). The Nexus between Housing and the Marco Economy: Hong Kong as a Case Study, CPPS Working Paper Series, No. 143, Lingnan University.

Other Publications:

  • Apr, 2016. "貨幣與銀行", 香港電台『這一科,學什麼』撰文, 香港電台教育網站eTVonline.
  • With L.S Ho and Felix Tsang. 2007. "A Study of Unemployment in Tuen Mun", commissioned by Tuen Mun District Council.


  1. ECO2101 Introduction to Economics
  2. ECO3001 The Hong Kong Housing Market
  3. CLC9005 Finance and Politics: Public Interests and Private Manipulation
  4. CLD9002 Understanding Social and Economic Indicators (Co-teach)


地址︰ 香港嶺南大學黃玉蘭樓3樓312室
電話︰ (852) 2616 7388
傳真︰ (852) 2891 7940