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Department of Economics







陳漢全                           社會科學學士課程經濟學四年級學生

CHANDRA, Sonal         社會科學學士課程經濟學三年級學生  

楊港龍                            社會科學學士課程經濟學三年級學生



國際銀行與金融理學碩士課程 (MIBF) 及國際與發展經濟學理學碩士課程 (MIDE) 全額奬學金(2019-20學年)


MIBF: 最多兩名嶺南大學社會科學學士課程經濟學系畢業生可獲全額奬學金(包括豁免全部學費及獲發$50,000助學金)*。


MIDE: 表現最優異的一名嶺南大學社會科學學士課程經濟學系畢業生可獲全額奬學金(包括豁免全部學費及獲發$50,000助學金)*。


* 資料或有待更新。





由2014-15學年起,經濟學系每年透過暑期實習計劃提供兩個名額的實習機會予同學,對象為主修社會科學(榮譽)學士課程經濟學或國際經濟與政治學科 / 社會及公共政策研究學科的同學。他們可藉著參與及支援由經濟學系教授直接領導的經濟研究項目,在兩個月的實習期裡接受紥實的訓練,為進行研究打好基礎。有關實習計劃的申請期為每年的三至四月。

HE Jiaying (Third Year, Economics)
It was a memorable and fruitful summer for me when I had a one-month internship in the Department of Economics at Lingnan University. As a research assistant, I participated in the project “Fighting Cartels in Mainland China and Hong Kong”. My duties included researching cartel whistleblower reward policy in different regions and preparing reports. I also worked on the industrial and technological background of China’s cement industry. 

​The internship offers me a good chance to practice how to understand real-world activities with economic perspectives. As a student majoring in economics, it is important to apply the knowledge learnt from the classrooms and develop economics analysis practically. At the same time, I gained a deeper understanding of academic research. My research skills were improved within this period, such as preparing reports and data processing. Furthermore, this internship benefits me when I develop my future career plan. I wish I could equip with advanced analytical skills in the future study. Apart from my growth during this period, I was very glad to build friendships with many members of the Department of Economics. In general, I am grateful I could have this precious opportunity to improve myself.
HONG Xiaoyu (Third Year, Economics)
It is a valuable experience for me to be the intern in the Department of Economics of Lingnan University. Under the guidance of Professor Fan Chengze, I am a research assistant for the Environmental regulation in the presence of polluting urban agglomeration and rural-to-urban migration project. I am mainly responsible for analyzing and labeling the relevant experimental data for the project and constantly changing the experimental variables to get the optimal solutions under different conditions. I also learnt and tried to adapted research content into documents for presentations with latex. Under the supervision of Prof Gregory Willian Whitten, I assisted him in preparing for the new semester’s courses. Meanwhile, I consulted the relevant literature to study the relationship between the value of the dollar and the value of the yuan in recent years. In general, this internship has greatly improved my personal ability. It helped me learn a lot about research, literature review and collation, and the use of research-related software. This experience also gave me the opportunity to experience the process of economic research and gave me a lot of inspiration for research methods and directions. I look forward to applying what I have learned from this experience to my future study and future research.
YEUNG Kong Lung (Third Year, Economics)
This summer, I took part in the internship program offered by Department of Economics. I was in charge of a project, led by professor Lin Ping, about the relation between government procurement and competition ordinance.

My overall research skills have been enhanced. Under the guidance of Prof. Lin, I conducted a literature review for basic information about government outsourcing in Hong Kong. To be able to submit my work on time, I read them quickly and accurately. As a result, my speed of reading becomes faster. Furthermore, with all the relevant information, I needed to draft a report on the current situation of government procurement in Hong Kong. To present it in an objective manner, I needed to take the citations frequently and carefully.

​Due to the time conflict with my exchange program, I have only worked for a month in this internship program. However, what I have learnt is very useful for me to boost my research skills. Having understood these skills, I am sure that they will be conducive to my further studies. All in all, this research has made me a fruitful experience in this summer holiday.
WANG Zhicheng, Josephine (Graduated in 2019, UG, Economics)
Being the intern in Department of Economics is a rewarding experience during my study at Lingnan University. Under the supervision of Professor Lin Ping, I am a research assistant for a project on competition in browser and search engine market in China. I am responsible for collecting data on market share and economic performance in each main player, and conducting analysis in the development of these industries. I have learnt more than I expected, in particular, my skills of conducting research, doing literature review and writing comprehensive reports have been strongly improved. The valuable part of the internship is that, by searching for information, I also know more about the most recent products and development in the prevailing information technology sector. Generally, this experience provided me an opportunity to better understand the research interests of professors in economics department, and acquire deeper knowledge especially on industrial economics. All the challenges I have met made for an even more worthwhile internship. I wish I could apply what I have learnt in my further study and improve my research skills to an advanced level.
TANG Haibin (Graduated in 2018, UG, Economics)
In my third year of study as a student major in economics, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a research assistant for the Department of Economics at Lingnan University. That special experience had helped shape myself into who I am today. During the period of internship, I was able to take a close look at what professors are working on for their academic research. I saw how much effort is needed to be put into a high-quality research paper.  Acting as research assistant let me understand what an economist's daily work would be like and what skill set it would take to be a good academic researcher.
Apart from the technical knowledge I had from the internship experience, I also built up valuable friendships with teachers and other research assistants. From interactions with all these amazing people, I received a lot of useful information and it helped me to navigate my life better.