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城市共享暑期學社- 教育共享由嶺南大學文化研究及發展中心,與嶺南大學文化研究系主辦。許多有特殊教育需要(自閉症譜系障礙、注意力不足/過度活躍症)的小朋友都需要功課輔導服務,但一般的補習導師未必有相關知識去照顧SEN學童的需要。此項目為學員提供SEN支援的基本知識及技巧,學員將在導師的領導下,成立及營運由大專生為SEN家庭提供的支援網絡。負責導師曉靖 Elaine 曾是我們其中一系列提高關注SEN意識的職員工作坊的客席講者。



負責導師: 曉靖 Elaine(《媽媽是最強治療師》作者)

同行導師: 何凱兒 Gwyneth(「童 SEN 同戲」聯合創辦人),黃厚豐 James(「童 SEN 同戲」聯合創辦人)



Urban Commons Incubator Summer Programme

Urban Commons Incubator Summer Programme - Education Commons is organized by The Centre for Cultural Research and Development (CCRD) and the Department of Cultural Studies. This programme aims to recruit organizers to co-create a mutual support network among university students and families with SEN children. It equips university students interested in working as part-time tutors with relevant knowledge and skills to offer homework support to SEN children in need of everyday assistance. The mentor Ms. Elaine Chan was one of our guest speakers providing a series of staff training workshops on SEN awareness. 


Education Commons

Mentor:  Ms. Elaine Chan, author of Mother is the Best Therapist--The Growth of ASD

Tutors: Ms. Gwyneth Ho and Mr. James Wong, Co-founders of Senmily HK


For further details, please click HERE