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Entrepreneurs from Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

LEI extends support to our young graduates for starting and/or continuously developing their business. Ample exhibition, networking, training and visit tour opportunities are provided to alumni for promoting their business and enhance their competitive skills in the entrepreneurial field.

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Lingnanian Alumni Entrepreneurs from the Faculty of Arts


Ms. Dora LUI (Co-Founder of Art Boundless Creation)

"I have always wanted to bring art to the community and help people of different abilities, such as children, the elderly, the ex-mentally ill and the disabled person. While establishing my own business, I constantly reminded myself to have the courage to put my ideas into practice. When I first founded the Art Boundless Creative, it wasn’t easy and the income at that time was rather low and unstable. During my days at Lingnan, I have met many professors. They always encourage me and offer me advices, enabling me to realize my dream."

(Graduate of Department of Visual Studies, 2013) 


Mr. Tim LAU (Founder of Take My Hand Limited)

"This is the stage where I grew up, the cradle that nurtured my road to entrepreneurship. During my days of studies, I often served as MC for departments and faculties. I’ve established a studio for wedding ceremonies after graduation. That creates my path."

(Graduate of Department of Chinese, 2004) 


Ms. Iqra ZAHID (Co-Founder of Fitness Bajis)

Fitness Bajis is formulated to focus on ethnic minority ladies who are restricted and segregated due to their cultural reasons, religious reasons and other factors due to which they are unable to focus on their health. 

Fitness Bajis has Yoga instructors who cater to the needs of all participants and speak of common languages in order to meet their language and physical fitness needs.  

(Graduate of Department of Contemporary English Studies, 2019)   

 Related Projects


KT Lai Chi Wo


Knowledge Transfer Project – “Touching the Earth – Environmental Art Workshop at Lai Chi Wo”

In partnership with the Kadoorie Institute, Prof. Sophia Law organized four workshops in 2015-2016 in Lai Chi Wo, a 400-year-old walled Hakka village near Sha Tau Kok in the New Territories. Participants made art installations to explore innovative ways of building with local resources. Drawings were done with locally-made charcoal. Through such hands-on activities, Prof. Law wanted to enhance participants’ awareness of the natural and cultural resources of a rural village such as Lai Chi Wo, transmit the value of environmental conservation in rural redevelopment, and encourage reflection on and discovery of alternative nature-human relationships.


ENG3277 English Drama Performance

This practical course in English language production explores techniques of presentation and vocal delivery in drama, verse speaking, oral storytelling and other kinds of performance. Students devise and adapt, rehearse and refine chosen texts for performance in a collaborative context. The plays are adapted from various well-known works of English Literature, for example, Peter Hall’s adaptation of George Orwell’s fable, Animal Farm or from dramas relevant to the students’ context of experience, for example. David Henry Hwang's play, Chinglish. Students take on different roles for the performances, including actors, lighting and sound designers, props makers, and so on. Their creative collaboration is akin to the experience of working collaboratively in a creative industry, and their innovative contributions to the eventual form and content of performance mirror the innovation involved in those of typical artistic ventures or productions.