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STEAM Education and Research Centre (SERC)

Steam lab

To promote the development of innovative and interdisciplinary talents to support STEAM education, Lingnan University founded the STEAM Education and Research Centre. The centre aims at improving teaching materials, academic and educational policy research, teacher training, competition activity, supporting primary and secondary education, holding academic forums and related affairs of STEAM. The centre differentiates from other institutions as it addresses the significant function of knowledge transfer from university to other sectors by focusing more on related subjects of STEAM.


The National Institute of Education Sciences, Lingnan University Mainland-Hong Kong STEM Education Research Centre undertook by STEAM Education and Research Centre is not only an open platform for local but also mainland and international scholars, professionals, businesses, education bureaus and organizations with the goal of enhancing deeper communication and cooperation between various sectors, which further promote the development and progress of society.


Location: NAB410 & 407, New Academic Block, Lingnan University


Steam lab