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Entrepreneurship Support

I&E Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor Program aims to attract students from different disciplines with the intention to address various business or social issues by recombining resources. A significant feature of the Program is cross-disciplinary. Students will be from different departments university-wide. They will be inspired by creativity or innovation-related content from different fields. The entrepreneurship capstone projects will be under the supervision of faculty members from different departments, providing expertise from different academic areas.

The Program provides a capstone project based experience for students to develop their first start-up plan. This entrepreneurial endeavor will be supported by fundings inside and/or outside the university. The vast network of industry and business connections built up by the Faculty of Business, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Education, and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative would significantly benefit the start-ups.


The Program will:

  • Encourage students to develop the entrepreneurial passion.
  • Help students to understand the opportunities and constraints in the external environment.
  • Provide students’ with skills that are necessary to run a startup in either for-profit or non-profit field.


LEI I&E Minor Program