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Project Progress Sharing

Up-to-date Figure (as of 29 June)

Number of Disinfection Services Conducted: 1,032


The Project is currently recruiting community anti-epidemic ambassadors, and they will complete technical and hygiene training under the guidance of professional engineers and practicing doctors.

The working group is producing the UV light irradiation device, and provides the disinfection service for the registered users from 17 April.


Service User Survey

1 June - Service User Survey     

1 June - Volunteers interview service users with a scientifically designed questionnaire to evaluate the Project and investigate the effects of COVID-19 on their daily lives. 

Elderly and Nursing Homes

18 May - Nursing homes            

18 May - Besides sub-divided units, the Project provdies UV disinfection service for nursing homes or residential care hostels operated by charitable organisations. 

100 Disinfections

6 May - 100 disinfections            

6 May - A new milestone is reached: More than 100 households disinfected!

Volunteer Training22 April - Volunteer training          

22 April - First batch of volunteers is trained and prepared to carry out the disinfection service. 

First Disinfection

18 April - First disinfection            

18 April - The first disinfection service is conducted to stop the spread of virus in sub-divided unit. 

Mas Production

11 April - Mass production            

11 April - Mass production officially starts. The renovated design is lightweight and adaptable to any household environment. To further improve disinfection efficiency, the device can be placed horizontally, illuminating the hidden space in bathrooms and kitchens from a low angle.



6 April - Volunteers recruitment   

6 April - Recruitment of volunteers and service users officially starts. More than 200 users apply for the disinfection service in just a few days, and more than 30 enthusiastic individuals sign up to be volunteers.



18 March - Funding confirmed     

18 March - The Project is confirmed to be funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charites Trust’s "COVID-19 Emergency Fund" for rapid disinfection of 1,000 households. Mass production of 30 sets of UV disinfection device starts.


2月28日 - 第二台原型機

28 February - Second prototype  

28 February - The second prototype produced using simple 3D printing technology is ready for testing. The new design is more robust and lightweight, and is easy to assemble. It can be equipped with different number of light tubes to increase the intensity of UV light and can adapt to different household environments. The prototype is tested at the partner community center on 2 March.



13 February - First prototype       

13 February - The first prototype was produced with cardboard and wood in Lingnan University. 


First Sketch

7 February - First concept diagram

7 February - Dr. Albert KO (Director of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative) and social workers of Caritas Youth and Community Service discuss the possibility of using laboratory UV lamps to quickly disinfect households. Dr. KO shares the first concept diagram of the project a few days later.