Lingnan University is ranked third in "Quality Education" globally by the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2021. The rankings, which reflect the extent universities deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are compiled from data submitted by over 1,200 universities from 96 countries or regions. The University Impact Rankings are designed to reflect an institution’s impact on the broader sphere of society, above and beyond that of its research and teaching achievements. "Caring for Student Learning" is the core mission of Lingnan University, our education is informed by impactful research promoting sustainable development.

In the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020 conducted by the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong, a large percentage of LU research outputs is classified as “World Leading” (4-star) or “Internationally Excellent” (3-star).

Among them, our Unit of Assessment in Sociology & Anthropology ranked first among all local universities in the percentage of 4-star research outputs, and Accountancy, Philosophy, and Social Work & Social Policy came second. Our Social Work & Social Policy had the highest percentage of 4-star and 3-star research outputs among local universities, while Accountancy came second.

With regard to Research Impact, more than half of LU’s Impact Cases were rated 4-star or 3-star (Outstanding/Considerable Impact). In “Research Environment”, LU received 4-star in Cultural Studies, and 3-star for Chinese Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, Philosophy and Accountancy.

Exemplary Impact Cases

Case study:
Knowing our history and heritage: Working with community and fostering public engagement

This video demonstrates how the project “Knowing our history and heritage: Working with community and fostering public engagement” by Prof Lau Chi-pang and his team influences the way history is taught in Hong Kong.


Case study:
Literary adaptation as a social practice: enriching the local cultural environment through English drama study and performance

Focusing on making dramatic works relevant to contemporary audiences, Prof Michael Ingham’s research includes monographs on intermediality and adaptation, and documentary films in Hong Kong. In addition, his articles on Shakespeare have increased the relevance of drama in educational settings, and addressed the difficulties of Shakespearean syntax for second language audiences and performers.



This video demonstrates how the studies and research carried out by faculty members of Lingnan’s Economics Department were able to help China tackle Education inequality and benefited 17 city/county local education bureaus.

More impact cases to come ……