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General Information on Moodle for Instructors

Available Courses in Moodle

In order to conserve University resources, not all courses are created in Moodle automatically. Below is a summary of the different course types and their default availability in Moodle:
Course Type Available by default in Moodle
LEC (Lecture) Yes - Courses are created automatically before start of term
SVL (Service Learning) Yes - Courses are created automatically before start of term
TUT (Tutorial) No - Courses are only created on demand (see below)
SUP Yes - Courses are created automatically before start of term
SEM No - Courses are only created on demand (see below)
RS Yes - Courses are created automatically before start of term

Request for Moodle Course Creation

Instructors can request for their courses to be created in Moodle if not available by default. Request can be made via our Moodle Service Request form.

Be sure to select request Nature "Create a new Moodle Course (for course type TUT, SEM)" and provide the course information.

Screenshot of Moodle Service Request Form


Course Retention

Moodle system at Lingnan University is configured to keep the last four terms of course materials available, which mean courses will be kept up to 2 years before removal.

Instructors are strongly advised to create backup of their courses at the end of each academic Term to prevent loss of materials from course removal.

For more information on how to back up Moodle Course, please visit How to Back up Course in Moodle.


Merge Course in Moodle

There are often occasions where instructors are teaching multiple sections of the same course, and find it time-consuming to repeat process of uploading the same materials.The Moodle Merge Course system was developed for this purpose, simplify the process for instructors to coordinate multiple sections.

Instructors can make use of the Merge course system to merge two or more sections of the same course that they are teaching. Students from the sub-sections will be automatically enrolled into the merged course and grouped accordingly. This way instructors can reach all students within the single merged course, without having to access course of individual sections.

More information on using the Moodle Merge Course System can be found at Quick Guide to Moodle Merge Course.


Moodle Training Materials

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) provides vast amount of resources to support Instructors on the pedagogical usage of Moodle. Training materials for instructors can be founnd at their website Moodle Training Materials.