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Lingnan University organised“The Art of Szto Wai Exhibition” opening ceremony

16 Jan 2019

Officiating guests kick off “The Art of Szto Wai Exhibition”.
Prof Leonard K CHENG
Prof Leonard K CHENG, President of Lingnan University gives welcome address at the ceremony.
Mr Nigel SZETO N C
Mr Nigel SZETO N C, Advisor of the Art of Szto Wai Publishing Committee gives welcome address at the ceremony.
Dr SZETO Ling gives welcome address at the ceremony.

In memory of the late Mr SZTO Wai’s contribution to Lingnan University, the University organised the opening ceremony of “The Art of Szto Wai Exhibition” on 16 January 2019 at Hong Kong Central Library and invited generations of Lingnanians to attend the exhibition.  Over 50 masterpieces of paintings under Mr SZTO Wai’s exquisite artistry were showcased.  Members of the general public were cordially invited to attend the 5-day exhibition.


Mr SZTO Wai devoted his life to education, and was also a superb painter. He was particularly passionate about watercolour painting. The Canton campus of Lingnan University was the subject of many of his artworks, which served to document Lingnan during the Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s and 40s. The University is most honoured to have a batch of collections of Mr SZTO Wai’s artworks and have collected many paintings that have never been exhibited from Lingnanians. In addition, the University has compiled the works of the exhibition into an album to continue to inherit the Lingnan spirit.


Prof Leonard K CHENG, President of Lingnan University in his remarks, thanked Lingnanians for donating or lending the artwork of Mr. SZTO Wai and their efforts on the organising the exhibition. Prof CHENG mentioned that Mr SZTO was a renowned educator who established branch campuses of Lingnan’s secondary and primary schools in locations such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Vietnam. During the Sino-Japanese war, Mr SZTO fled with students and faculty to Shiukwan to continue his education life, and was highly respected by students and teachers alike. Prof CHENG  also mentioned that Mr SZTO was an outstanding artist, the Lingnan logo designed by him symbolises loyalty and perseverance, the qualities of the Lingnan spirit.


In his Welcome Address, Mr Nigel SZETO N C, Advisor of the Art of Szto Wai Publishing Committee mentioned that there were tight supplies during the Second World War, “Mr SZTO managed to depict the difficult life of the time on paintings. Although the drawings were not bright and colourful, they embody his affection for Lingnan. Mr SZTO’s dedication to art not only helped to nurture outstanding painters, tens of thousands of his students had also led fruitful lives and upheld the Lingnan spirit of unyielding perseverance, symbolized by the red and grey in the emblem.”


Dr SZETO Ling said that her grandfather “was passionate about education, had shouldered the mission and devoted relentless efforts to Lingnan’s education. He spared much effort in nurturing the next generation,  I am infinitely glorious as his granddaughter.” Dr SZETO was thankful about the successful launch of the exhibition to enable Lingnanians and people from all walks of life to enjoy the artwork of her grandfather.