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Lingnan University’s commitment to quality sub-degree education and valuable student learning commended in UGC’s Quality Audit Report

06 Nov 2019

Lingnan University’s (LU) commitment to providing quality sub-degree programmes and valuable learning experience, as well as its well-designed extra-curricular and student development activities are commended in the Report of a Quality Audit of Sub-degree Operations of Lingnan University released by the Quality Assurance Council of the University Grants Committee today (6 November).


The Audit Panel confirms that the existing quality assurance policies and procedures for curriculum design and programme development and approval of Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE), LU’s self-financing sub-degree providing unit, are broadly fit for purpose, and the programme delivery is sound.


Welcoming the Report, Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of LU, thanks the Audit Panel for its recognition of the quality of LU’s sub-degree programmes and its invaluable suggestions and recommendations, which are helpful for the University to further strengthen its quality assurance procedures and practices.


The Report commends the quality of LIFE’s teaching staff for their openness, accessibility and determination to help students achieve. It also endorses LIFE’s commitment to supporting and ensuring teaching quality by providing professional and pedagogical development opportunities, monitoring teaching performance, and recognising outstanding teachers.


In students’ learning and support, the Report highlights that LIFE’s extra-curricular and student development activities and support services are well designed to enhance the whole-person development of students, and that the Language Enhancement Programme encourages and supports students in advancing their language competence. The Report also finds that both current students and recent graduates of LIFE are generally well satisfied with the quality of their studies.


The Report affirms the initiatives to develop more focused Key Performance Indicators and quantitative measures for the strategic objectives of the University and LIFE, and plans to introduce a new programme re-approval procedure and programme-level surveys of student learning experience and alumni.


To address the recommendations of the Report, the University has appointed an Associate Vice-President to oversee LIFE and to lead a taskforce to conduct a comprehensive review of LIFE’s governance and management structures. LIFE is also well prepared for the full implementation of the Outcome-based Approach to Teaching and Learning and Criterion Referenced Assessment, as well as for the development of e-learning to enhance teaching and learning.


Currently, LIFE offers a range of comprehensive sub-degree and life-long learning programmes at Qualifications Framework Level 4 or below including Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Professional Diploma, Diploma Yi Jin, Diploma and Certificate programmes.