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Update on work arrangements (28 August 2020)

28 Aug 2020

In view of the latest development of the pandemic situation as well as the commencement of the new academic term, the University has decided to resume normal office operations gradually in a safe and orderly manner with effect from 31 August (Monday). 
1.          All academic and non-academic departments/offices/units will operate daily during normal office hours, i.e. from 9:00 am to 5:36 pm, Monday to Friday, with a one-hour lunch break. 
2.          Heads of departments/offices/units should arrange for AT LEAST half of their staff to work at the office daily. Heads may exercise their discretion in making work arrangements according to job duties of their units as appropriate, including the implementation of duty rosters for colleagues to work at office and from home, flexible or staggered working and lunch hours, and in consideration of the personal circumstances of individual colleagues, such as those who are pregnant, with chronic illness, or living in a building with confirmed case(s). 
Colleagues who work on campus should wear a surgical mask and observe the latest preventive measures recommended by the University’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee (please refer to the latest email issued by the Committee). 
Colleagues and students should NOT come to the campus if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, or if they or their home-mates are requested to do the COVID-19 virus test by the Centre for Health Protection, or their home-mates are undergoing mandatory quarantine. 
Colleagues who work from home should observe the guidelines provided by HRO and ITSC (please refer to the email issued by the Office of the President dated 4 February). 
Colleagues and students are requested to report to the University immediately via the 24-hour Campus Security hotline (2616 8000) in the following cases:

  • They are confirmed to have COVID-19; 
  • They are required to undergo mandatory quarantine; 
  • They are or have been in close contact with a person in the last 14 days who is confirmed COVID-19 positive, undergoing mandatory quarantine or taking the COVID-19 virus test as required by the Centre for Health Protection.  

To minimise the risk of infection, the campus is now only open to current LU staff and students, and those with permission issued by University departments/offices/units. Special arrangements can be made for alumni and anyone needing to visit LU as long as they have prior approval to visit the campus and observe precautionary health measures. 
The University will continue to monitor the situation closely and adopt all precautionary measures required to maintain safety on our campus, and will fully resume normal office operations when conditions permit.

Office of Communications and Public Affairs