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Update on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Preventive Measures (12 October 2020)

12 Oct 2020

HSE Committee would like to update colleagues and students on the following:


Extension of Social Distancing Measures under Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance

As there are signs of rebound of locally confirmed cases, the Government extended the effective period of the prevailing social distancing measures till 15 October 2020. For details, please refer to the press release:


Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

Centre for Health Protection (CHP) reminded the public that influenza viruses and the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 will possibly both spread in the coming winter influenza season. A person getting influenza and COVID-19 at the same time may be more seriously ill. Getting an influenza vaccine during 2020/21 is important. For details, please refer to the press release:


Protect Yourself, Protect Our Community

·         Before coming back to campus for face-to-face classes, staff members and students are requested to observe the health advice at the link and complete the on-line health declaration form at the link below:

For students:;

For staff:

·         In order to minimize the risk of community transmission, the Committee strongly advises all stakeholders that if they have to undergo compulsory quarantine, please stay at home or place of residency for 14 days before coming back to the campus.


·         Students and colleagues should not come to the campus if they or their home-mates are requested to do the COVID-19 test by CHP or their home-mates are undergoing mandatory quarantine. The same measure has been implemented for our outsourced contractors and guests.


·         In view of the occurrence of clusters in settings such as dormitories for foreign domestic helpers and a workplace for port workers, the Committee would like to invite all staff and students, especially residents in hostels, to stay alert when using common facilities so as to minimize and control the risk of an explosive community outbreak on campus and in hostels.  Perform hand hygiene and keep a distance from any other person as always.


·         If staff members and students feel that they have a higher risk or exposure and are experiencing mild discomfort, please conduct COVID-19 test. The specimen collection packs can be obtained at the 46 General Outpatient Clinics during the daytime service hours. For details, please refer to the press release:


Wearing Mask

·         All colleagues, students, contractors and visitors shall wear masks on campus, including indoor or outdoor areas, in offices and hostel blocks especially in common facilities and lifts.

·         All stakeholders shall use mask which over and covering the person’s nose and mouth, touching the person’s nose, chin and cheeks, in compliance with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation (Cap.599I). The standard of mask includes any covering designed or made (a) to be worn over the nose and mouth (b) to provide the wearer protection against infections.

·         To protect our cleaners and other users, all stakeholders shall dispose the mask properly.

·         As the supply of masks is stable in market now, colleagues and students are advised to purchase masks for their own use. The stock of the University will be reserved for emergency.


Specified Conditions Imposed on Inbound Travellers

Under Prevention and Control of Disease (Regulation of Cross-boundary Conveyances and Travellers) Regulation (Cap.599H), an inbound traveller who, on the day on which the traveller boarded a civil aviation aircraft that arrives at, or is about to arrive at Hong Kong (specified aircraft), or during the 14 days before that day, has stayed in any specified place Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, must provide the relevant documents and undergo mandatory quarantine at the listed hotels. For details including the latest conditions and the listed hotels, please visit the website:


Resources Corner

For information on COVID-19, please refer to the following links:

1.      Webpage of Health, Safety and Environment Committee

2.      HKSAR’s Thematic webpage on COVID-19 at:

3.      Webpage on Mental Health Infostation at the following link:



If you are being suspected or confirmed infected or under mandatory quarantine, please notify your department / office or any of the following teams:

During Office Hours

COFMD(O&M) - Campus Support Office


Human Resources Office


Student Services Centre


During Non-office Hours

Security Control (24-hour)


Thank you for your kind attention.

Best Regards,

Weixin Shang Chairman,

Health, Safety and Environment Committee