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Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU

Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU

Event Dates

Term 1

21-22 Oct 2021 (Thu-Fri)


Term 2 9-10 Mar 2022 (Wed-Thu)

Fair site will launch on 9 March 2022 to all Lingnan students and graduates. 

Your gateway to the Fair site: 

Virtual Career Fair October 2021


Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU

Fall: Oct  2021 |  Spring: mid-Mar 2022

With the new semester commencing on 1 September, our Virtual Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity for employers to connect with our current students and recent graduates, allowing them the chance to learn about your organization’s internship / graduate programmes and achievements plus services. The ultimate goal of our Fair, of course, is to meet your organization’s talent needs. Our Fair’s online platform will allow students and recent graduates to engage with you in real-time, and will provide a safe and efficient way to interact with quality candidates. Each participating exhibitor will be equipped with a customized recruitment booth to display corporate and job information, and an interactive chatbox for attendees to make enquiries online.   

Participation fee: FREE

Through the Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU, exhibitors can:

  • Promote internship / graduate opportunities and raise brand awareness of your company;  
  • Connect and meet qualified students and graduates;  
  • Chat with eligible candidates right from your office; 
  • Host a live online or pre-recorded recruitment presentation to showcase your company’s graduate / internship opportunities or career development programmes; and
  • Display company and job information and allow students’ and graduates’ to make direct applications or download information.

Our virtual booth settings are easy to manage; and our interactive sessions can be arranged flexibly. Recruitment talks or interviews with selected candidates can be organized during the Fair or after the Fair depending on your preferences. 

Last year, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, over a hundred employers joined our Lingnan University Anti-adversity Graduate Employment & Training Programme (the Programme), providing various opportunities to assist our young graduates in kick-starting their careers. The Programme, established in June 2020 under the Graduate Support Fund, provides subsidies to employers who offer graduate opportunities to our young graduates and support them in further training. Due to encouraging results, the Programme will continue till 31 May 2022. A copy of the Lingnan University Anti-adversity Graduate Employment & Training Programme leaflet can be viewed here should you be interested in joining and investing resources together in nurturing Hong Kong’s young generation.  

For employers and organizations who are interested in joining the Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU, please click the link here to enrol as one of our Fair Exhibitors.

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