Our Community Partners

Since 2006, we have served more than 26,500 people, with the support of 129 community organizations, including but not limited to government, NGOs, schools, corporate, social enterprises, etc.

Mr. HUNG Fat Leung (Project-in-charge, The Salvation Army New Territories West Integrated Service Ngau Tam Mei Community Development Project)

Mr. HUNG Fat Leung said: “Ngau Tam Mei used to be a farming community. On one hand, we hope to exercise neighbors’ expertise in farming to the fullest and bring vitality to the community. On the other hand, young people are given an opportunity to be in touch with the rural area and change their existing impression.”


Ms. FONG Wing Ling, Carol (Project Manager, People Service Centre)

Ms. FONG recalled that students strengthened the understanding between PSC and shopkeepers by field work and research surveys, which laid a solid foundation for the cooperation.


Mr. CHAN Yu Cheung (Team Leader, The Salvation Army New Territories West Integrated Service Tuen Mun Integrated Service for Young People)

This project aimed to promote inter-generational communication and providing a communion platform for participants to break through the boundaries of age and become friends. More importantly, the students have new ideas on the issue of ageing population, which create new discourse for the elderly issue.


Mr. YAU Siu Biu (Supperintendent, New Life Building Long Stay Care Home)

Every story book records not only the life experiences of the residents but also is a symbol of the relationship between the students and them. This marks the first step of the residents re-engaging with the society.