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Staff List



Academic Staff

Shalendra Sharma
Interim Head
Lee Shau Kee Foundation
Chair Professor of Political Science

2616 7224 shalendrasharma



Chan Che-po
Associate Head
Associate Professor of Teaching

2616 7189 chancp WYL321

Chu Pok
Assistant Professor

2616 7214 pchu WYL311
  Chung Chien-peng
MAIA Programme Director and Professor

2616 7174 cp2chung WYL310
  Li Pang-kwong
Professor of Practice
2616 7186 lipk WYL315
  Tam Wai-keung
Research Assistant Professor
2616 7199 wktam WYL210
  Wong Yiu-chung
Adjunct Professor
2616 7130 wongyc WYL217
  Zhang Baohui
2616 7152 bzhang WYL313
  Zhang Dong
MAIA Associate Programme Director and Assistant Professor
2616 7636 dongzhang WYL316
  Chung Hiu Fung
Part-time Lecturer
2616 7130 hiufungchung WYL217
  Law Pui Fung, Victor
Part-time Lecturer
2616 7635 puifunglaw WYL114
  Li Chi Hang, Neville
Part-time Lecturer
2616 7128 chihangli WYL217
Supporting Staff | Top
  Tsang Suk-han, Ivy
Administrative Officer
2616 7169 tsangsh WYL202
  Lo Nga-man, Sandy
Assistant Administrative Officer
2616 7608 ngamanlo WYL202
Tutor/Postgraduate Students | Top

Timothy Chanimbe
PhD Student

2616 7450 timothychanimbe WYL303

Mateena Hammad
MPhil Student

2616 7376 mhammad WYL303

Ho Pat Shu, Roy
MPhil Student


2616 7226 hopatshuroy WYL303

Mariia Marakhovskaia
PhD Student


2616 7161 mariiamarakhovskaia WYL104
  Pong Cheuk Ling, Cheri
MPhil Student
2616 7219 cheuklingpong WYL303
  Xia Shouzhi
PhD Student
2616 7168 shouzhixia WYL303