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Research & Impact

Dr. HUANG Genghua

Dr. Huang Genghua


Key research areas

  • Political Economy of Welfare State 
  • Comparative Social Policy
  • Labor Policy and NGOs

Recent projects

  • One Country, Diverse Employment Systems: Measuring Employment Regulations in Sub-national China based on Employment Protection Legislation Index (LU)
  • Expanding Hong Kong People’s Space: Promoting Cross-border Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area (LU)

Selected publications

  • Mok, K.H., Kühner, S., & Huang, G.H. (2017). The productivist construction of selective welfare pragmatism in China. Social Policy & Administration, 51(6), 876-897. doi: 10.1111/spol.12337
  • He, A. J., & Huang, G.H. (2015). Fighting for migrant labor rights in the world’s factory: legitimacy, resource and strategies of grassroots migrant labor NGOs in South China. Journal of Contemporary China, 24(93), 471-492.doi: 10.1080/10670564.2014.953851
  • Ngok, K.L., & Huang, G.H. (2014). Policy paradigm shift and the changing role of the state: The development of social policy in China since 2003. Social Policy and Society, 13(2), 251-261. doi: 10.1017/S1474746413000602
  • Huang, G.H., & Mok, K. H. (2013). University students’ perception on social stratification and social opportunities. A post-elitist perspective. Journal of Zhejiang University, 43(4), 182-195.

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