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Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life

At Lingnan University, we strive to innovate for society, especially for those who are in need. We conduct Research and Knowledge Transfer for promoting social innovations with high social impact. Our School of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology and Social Policy and research centres house social policy and policy studies experts. Our research teams conduct comparative and international research in social development and policy studies from interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. We welcome regional and international research collaborations.

Major Policy Studies Units @ Lingnan University


Our Social Policy / Policy Studies Research Team

Under this session, we will present our staff / faculty members related to social policy / policy studies research.

School of Graduate Studies

Prof Joshua Mok

Prof. MOK Ka Ho, Joshua
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of
Comparative Policy


Maggie Lau

Prof. LAU Ka Wai, Maggie
Research Associate Professor 

Padmore Amoah

Dr. Padmore Adusei AMOAH
Research Assistant Professor

Xiong Weiyan

Dr. XIONG Weiyan
Research Assistant Professor 

Dr Huang Genghua

Dr. HUANG Genghua
Research Assistant Professor 

Dr Alex Zhu

Dr. ZHU Yuefeng, Alex
Research Assistant Professor 




Other Faculty researching on Social Policy / Policy Studies

Lui Hon Kwong

Prof. LUI Hon Kwong

David Philips

Prof. David Philips
Research Professor 

Dickson Chan

Prof. CHAN Chak Kwan, Dickson
Research Professor 

Stefan Kuhner

Prof. Stefan Kühner
Associate Professor

Dr. Gizem ARAT

Dr. Gizem ARAT
Research Assistant Professor

Vincent Wen

Prof. Wen Zhuoyi, Vincent
Research Assistant Professor

Vera Ng

Dr. TANG Mun Yu, Vera
Research Assistant Professor

Lynn Tang

Prof. TANG Lynn
Assistant Professor

Au Yeung Tat Chor

Prof. AU YEUNG Tat Chor
Assistant Professor

Paulina Wong

Prof. WONG Pui Yan, Paulina
Assistant Professor




Visiting / Adjunct Professors
DeaneProfessor Deane NEUBAUERE
Visiting Professor, East-West Centre, USA
simon marginsonProfessor Simon MARGINSON
Visiting Professor, University of Oxford, UK
Shafiqul HUQUEProfessor Shafiqul HUQUE
Visiting Professor, McMaster University, Canada
Jack ChanProfessor Jack CHAN
Adjunct Associate Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Eugenia NgProfessor NG Mee Wah, Eugenia
Adjunct Professor, Lingnan University
Kent LaiDr. LAI Wan Lung, Kent
Adjunct Associate Professor, Lingnan University
Glenn HuiDr. Glenn HUI
Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong