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Master of Cultural Studies

Full Time
1 year
Part Time
2 years
Application Period
Please refer to the MCS webpage:
(852) 2616-7496
Programme Details Master of Cultural Studies

Study Mode

  • 2-year Part-time
  • 1-year Full-time

Programme Curriculum

Core Courses (12 credits required):                          

  • CUS501    Perspectives in Cultural Studies (3 Credits)                         
  • CUS502    Critical Thinking through Popular Culture (3 Credits)                  
  • CUS503    Pedagogy and Cultural Studies (3 Credits)                         
  • CUS505    Methods in Cultural Research (3 Credits)

Elective Courses (any 12 credits from the following):

  • CUS504    History in Cultural Studies (3 Credits)                                 
  • CUS506    Film and Television Culture (3 Credits)                                
  • CUS507    Feminism and Cultural Politics (3 Credits)                             
  • CUS508    Globalization and Contemporary Social Change (3 Credits)                
  • CUS509    Urban Culture of Hong Kong (3 Credits)                               
  • CUS510    Workshop in Cultural Practices (3 Credits)                             
  • CUS511    Selected Topics in Cultural Institution and Policy (3 Credits)               
  • CUS512    Selected Topics in Cultural Representation and Interpretation (3 Credits)      
  • CUS513    Research Seminar (3 Credits)                                        
  • CUS514    Independent Study (3 Credits)
  • CUS515    Special Topics in Cultural Studies (1.5 Credits)
  • CUS580    Performance Studies: Genealogy and Challenges (3 Credits)
  • CUS584    Performance Workshop with Artist (3 Credits)
  • CUS585    Special Topics in Performance Studies (3 Credits)
  • CUS586    Gender and Performance (3 Credits)
  • CUS588    Drama, Theatre and Performance (3 Credits)

# Not all elective courses are available each year; Starting from the 2019-20 intake, part-time MCS students who complete at least 12-credit elective courses related to Performance Studies can be granted the new concentration “Performance Studies”.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate a student should have successfully passed 8 courses [1] or 9 courses [2] and earned 24 credits in accordance with the course structure and requirements. Evaluated for graduation will be conducted at the conclusion of the semester in which he/she may satisfy all the conditions for the award of degree and with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.67 or above.

[1] 8 courses : Four 3-credit core and four 3-credit elective courses;
[2] 9 courses : Four 3-credit core, three 3-credit elective and two 1.5-credit elective courses.