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Career Building

Default professions and the related sectors

As an IMCSP graduate you will have a wide choice of career options.  There are 20+ professions in the public and related private sectors open to you in Hong Kong.

The IMCSP programme will train you to become a social policy researcher possibly employed by government as a civil servant, a think tank, a local or international NGO, political parties, or university research centres of social policy, development, and governance.

Your acquired expertise during the IMCSP programme will also enable you to become a journalist, a producer or school teacher. In addition, careers in social work or further study in an MPhil or PhD programme are also quality options.

Professions in sectors related to your focused social policy

The knowledge and insights you develop on the IMCSP programme will give you an advantage if you decide to work in sectors related to your focused policy area. The five key areas of interest offered by the IMCSP programme and the corresponding employer sectors are:

  • Employment: HR consulting firms, outsourcing firms, etc.
  • Education: universities, community colleges, secondary and primary schools, special needs schools, etc.
  • Housing: property developer, contractor, property management, etc.
  • Social security: old age homes, medical services providers, etc.
  • Health: public and private hospitals, clinics, speech clinics, Chinese medicine practitioners, etc.

Employment opportunities in professions among these sectors also include: public relations (PR), market research, marketing communications, sales support, human resources (HR), employee communication, chartered company secretary, admin support, etc.

Professions open to all social science majors including IMCSP

Besides professions directly related to the field of social policy, you will also be qualified to apply for those professions open to all social science majors: management consultant, MTs of property developer, hotel management, retailer, merchandisers, etc.

Exclusive career support for IMCPS students

The IMCSP programme will provide exclusive career support tailored to help you win the job you desire. This includes providing:

  • Background information on the job nature and outlook of the above mentioned professions open to IMCSP students.
  • Details of the corresponding employers for these professions in Hong Kong.
  • Individual consultations by seasoned career consultant to identify your target profession and employers that best fits your passion, ability and the prospect of the sector.
  • Support in compiling a powerful CV and cover letter.
  • Arrangements for you to proactively approach and network with your potential future employers in Hong Kong.