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Programme Structure

The IMCSP programme is a one-year full-time or two-year part-time taught Masters programme. As an IMCSP student you will graduate upon the completion of 30 credits.

What will you learn while studying on the IMCSP programme?

In the Autumn Term you will take five compulsory courses:
SOC 501
Social Policy Analysis: Comparative Perspectives
SOC 502
Comparative Social Policy Research Methods
SOC 504
Comparative Social Policy in Greater China and East Asia
SOC 505
Globalisation, Policy and Society
SOC 604
Asia Pacific Comparative Development and Policy Symposium
In the Spring Term you will take three courses:
SOC 601
Governance, Management and Delivery
SOC 602
Dialogue with Policy Practitioners: Theory and Practice
SOC 503
Understanding Social Indicators and Social Policies
And complete a research project tailored to your interest:
SOC 605
Comparative Social Policy Research Project

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And more, the IMCSP teaching and learning experience also includes:
  • Postgraduate Writing Enhancement Programme: This course will enable you to improve your analytical and academic writing skills.
  • IMCSP JobEx: This course provides you with personalised support to complete your CV and identify your potential future employer.
  • Language Enhancement Courses: These courses improve your communication skills in English, Cantonese, or Putonghua/Mandarin.
  • Internships and Research Assistantships: These opportunities enhance your work and research experience.

Ms CHEN, Huimin (IMSCP Graduate)
Together with the many overseas learning experiences, the international curriculum of the IMCSP programme helped my understanding of social problems and social construction in contemporary Chinese society in an innovative way. The IMCSP programme allowed me to develop my critical thinking on social policy and my English language skills through informal lectures, reading groups, small group discussions. Ms CHEN, Huimin (IMSCP Graduate)

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Liberal Arts Education

At Lingnan University, you will find a friendly and intellectually stimulating teaching and learning environment. All your courses encourage class discussions, group work and independent learning.

The study of Social Policy draws on all Social Sciences, including Sociology, Political Science, and Economics. It provides students from different backgrounds a holistic understanding of the vital social questions of our time.

The IMCSP programme is designed to focus on your personal development and helps you to find your role in creating a better society.

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Teaching and Learning

All classes in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy take place in the form of informal lectures and group tutorials. Class sizes do typically not exceed 30 students.

The IMCSP programme will ask you to learn in experiential settings, such as international conferences, field visits, or personal supervision.

We will use a range of continuous assessments to evaluate your achievement of learning outcomes. These may include written essays, research reports, reflective diaries, field notes, and in-class presentations.

Field trip to Taiwan

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