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Lingnan High-flyers


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Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2019-20
Win a startup fund up to HK$10,000 and a FREE tour to the United Kingdom!


The Lingnan High-Flyers programme is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to cultivate our outstanding students with an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership. The entrepreneurial mindset not only provides a lens for one to see problems as opportunities but also gives confidence for one to solve problems by one’s courage, creativity, resilience and ability to strive for higher achievements in life. A true high-flyer should be an impactful and influential global leader in the future, benefiting oneself, the community and beyond. 

About the programme

Make an IMPACT on Our Society!

  • Design and execute your projects with innovative ideas and achievable tasks in response to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly. (
  • Coaches will regularly meet and guide your teams with practical advice and guidance.
  • Pitch your project in front of professional judges to win the High-Flyers Challenge.

High-Flyers Awards

Awards Await You!

  • One Champion team will receive a startup fund of HK$10,000.
  • Two Runner-up teams will receive a startup fund of HK$5,000 per team.
  • The Champion team and runner-up teams will join a study tour to the United Kingdom for FREE.



  • All Year 1 to Year 3 full-time undergraduate students


  • Select any SDG and write a short essay (one page). Discuss what and how you can put the goal in action in Hong Kong or beyond in a specific time frame.
  • Form a team with 3 to 5 members with at least two different academic disciplines).






Oct 31 (Thu)

Kick Start Briefing & Seminar on How to Apply Design Thinking in Daily Life
(4:00pm – 6:00pm / MBG07)

Nov 1 – 8

LUHF Alumni Sharing and Grouping Sessions

Proposal in Action (Trial)
Nov 2019 – Jan 2020

Nov 4 (Mon)

Event Management
(4:30pm – 6:00pm / NAB319CD​)

Nov 7 (Thu)

Start-up/ Entrepreneurship Knowledge and Skillset
(4:30pm – 6:00pm / MBG19)

Nov 8 (Fri) Application Deadline
Nov 11 (Mon) How to be a Service Leader in a Society
(4:30pm – 6:00pm / LKK301)

Nov 11 – 15

Announcement of Application Results

Nov 18 – 22

Warm-up Meeting

Nov 25 – 29 Coaching Session 1




Mar 27 (Fri) Video Presentation & Proposal Submission
Mar 30 - Apr 3 Semi-Final (Review and Selection by Coaches)
Apr 6 - Apr 17 Coaching Session 2 (Online Meeting)

Apr 25 (Sat)

Final Presentation (Online Meeting)

Winter Break

Study Tour to the United Kingdom







Mr. Jeffy Lau
Tel: 2616-7403 
Ms. Elaine Yam
Tel: 2616-7304