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Lingnan High-flyers

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The Lingnan High-Flyers programme is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to cultivate our outstanding students with entrepreneurial mindset and leadership. The entrepreneurial mindset not only provides a lens for one to see problems as opportunities, but also gives confidence for one to solve problems by one’s courage, creativity, resilience and ability to strive for higher achievements in life. A true high-flyer should be an impactful and influential global leader in the future, benefiting oneself, the community and beyond. (moredetailsmore details...)

Participating Teams of Lingnan High-Flyers 2019


Main Theme of Lingnan High-Flyers 2019

Make an IMPACT on Our Society!

You can design a main theme of your social project in response to a social need on campus, in Hong Kong or across the globe. For examples, your focus area can be revolved around environmental protection, public health, human rights and peace, education and poverty alleviation.

Professional Coaching

Need help with your social project? Don’t worry!

During the programme, the professional trainers of a renowned international coaching company will regularly meet and coach your team for advice and suggestions. You will also have the chance to learn from impactful and experienced NGOs and/or innovative enterprises on how to execute your social project.

High-Flyers Awards

Awards Await You!

The recognised Lingnan High-Flyers will be awarded:

  • a fully sponsored study tour to Israel;
  • a fully sponsored Executive Leadership Training Programme conducted by a renowned international coaching company
  • networking opportunities to meet with professionals, employers or even investors.

Latest News

• Lingnan High-Flyers EXPO
11 High-Flyers Teams‧11 Social Innovation Projects
An enjoyable exposition to showcase brilliant ideas and remarkable achievements of the High-Flyers teams!

Date: 13 March 2019 (Wed)
Time: 12:30 – 4:30pm
Venue: Skylight Plaza

About the Participating Teams

High-Flyers EXPO Poster. Date Mar 13 2019, Time: 1230-1630. Venue: Skylight Plaza. Promo Text: Come, have fun and enjoy the popcorn and candy floss

Programme Timeline





Sep 11-14

ILP Online Registration

Sep 19 (Wed)

Kick-Start Briefing of Lingnan High-Flyers 2018-19
5:30-7:30pm | MBG07 | 2 ILP Units (Intellectual Development)

Sep 24- Oct 26

Application Period for Programme

Nov 5-9

Announcement of Application Results

Nov 12 Project Briefing and Information Sharing from HandsOn
5:00-7:00pm  | LBYG01

Nov 22

Meeting with Coaches I
30 minutes for each team

Nov 23-30

Application Period for Project Fund

Nov 24 Gerontech & Innovation Expo cum summit Nov 22 - Nov 25

Dec 3-7

Announcement of Application Results
(Project Fund)




Early Dec - Mid Jan

Project Testing Period

Jan 21 & 22 (Mon & Tue)

Meeting with Coaches II
60 minutes for each team on Jan 21 or Jan 22

Late Jan - Early Mar

Project Implementation Period

Feb 11 (Mon)

Sustainability and Team Collaboration Workshop
5:00-7:00pm | AM319 | 2 ILP units (Intellectual Development)


Visit to Entrepreneurial Company
Date and time to be confirmed

Mar 4 & 5 (Mon & Tue)

Meeting with Coaches III
60 minutes for each team on Mar 4 or Mar 5


Photo-shooting Interview
60 minutes for each team on Mar 4 or Mar 5


Preparation for Presentation Day

Apr 6 (Sat)

Presentation Day
30 minutes for each team
15 students will become the final winners!

Apr 13 & 27 (Sat)

Leadership Enhancement Training

May 26 - Jun 3

Study Tour to Israel

Mid Jun

Evaluation meeting


Meeting the Professions – Networking Evening


Mr. Jeffy Lau
Tel: 2616-7403 
Ms. Elaine Yam
Tel: 2616-7304