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Lingnan High-flyers


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Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2019-20

The Lingnan High-Flyers programme is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to cultivate our outstanding students with entrepreneurial mindset and leadership. The entrepreneurial mindset not only provides a lens for one to see problems as opportunities, but also gives confidence for one to solve problems by one’s courage, creativity, resilience and ability to strive for higher achievements in life. A true high-flyer should be an impactful and influential global leader in the future, benefiting oneself, the community and beyond. (moredetailsmore details...)

Main Theme of Lingnan High-Flyers 2019-20

Make an IMPACT on Our Society!

You can design a main theme of your social project in response to a social need on campus, in Hong Kong or across the globe. For examples, your focus area can be revolved around environmental protection, public health, human rights and peace, education and poverty alleviation.

Professional Coaching

Need help with your social project? Don’t worry!

During the programme, the trainers from different expertise and professional backgrounds will regularly meet and coach your team for advice and suggestions. You will also have the chance to learn from impactful and experienced NGOs and/or innovative enterprises on how to execute your social project.

High-Flyers Awards

Awards Await You!

The recognised Lingnan High-Flyers will be awarded:

  • a fully sponsored study tour;
  • networking opportunities to meet with professionals, employers or even investors.



Kick Start Briefing & Seminar on How to Apply Design Thinking in Daily Life

31 October 2019 (Thu) / 4 – 6pm / MBG07
Grasp everything you need to know regarding the Lingnan High-Flyers programme 2019-2020 in the Kick Start Briefing. Meanwhile, the speaker will introduce the concepts and share how “Design Thinking” helps him in his service and business world in order to let students understand more about the whole structured approach process – to empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test through daily examples.

Mr. Leo CHAN, MH (Deputy Supervisor, Wofoo Leaders’ Network Steering Committee; Executive Director, Amempapa Limited)

Event Management

4 November 2019 (Mon) / 4:30 – 6pm / MBG19​

As an international business city, there are packed calendars of events of all sizes. Every industry, including schools and charitable organisations, would hold events to market themselves, build brand names and partnerships or raise funds, etc. The speaker will introduce different nature of events, techniques on event planning and operations to students as well as her experience in event management, operational management, evaluation and post-event management. This workshop could enable students to understand more about event management and facilitate them to make better event preparation.

Ms. Amy LEUNG (Deputy Supervisor, Wofoo Leaders' Network Steering Committee 2010 – 2016; Assistant Commissioner and Training School Commander, Civil Aid Service)

Start-up/ Entrepreneurship Knowledge and Skillset

7 November 2019 (Thu) / 4:30 – 6pm / MBG19
In an artificial intelligence (AI) era that leads to the rapidly changing world of work, some said being entrepreneurs is the best way out. One may believe that entrepreneurial knowledge and skillset of students should be enhanced in this fast-changing world, in particular through innovation and technology. The speaker will share with students about his own experience of being an entrepreneur. At the end of the workshop, students could share their startup ideas with the speaker to explore how to find the pathway from idea to execution, and even impact creation.

Mr. Welson CHENG (Professional Group Advisor, Wofoo Leaders’ Network; Director, Strategy and Business Development,
SolutionOne Technology Limited)







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Ms. Elaine Yam
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