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Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)

About ILP

Intergrated Learning Programme

What's ILP


Programme Objectives

  1. Through a co-curricular programme, students pursue their learning of knowledge and skills and establishing a positive attitude of life beyond the classroom.
  2. Through the ILP, students develop their all-rounded personal growth by identifying their talents and planning of career to achieving success.
  3. Through the holistic enrichment activities, students enjoy their university life from the transitional process of new students to become the advanced learners during their journey of learning at Lingnan.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

At the end of the programme, students are able to:

  1. experience a co-curricular programme in the six domains of Civic Education, Intellectual Development, Physical Education, Social and Emotional Development Aesthetic Development and Hostel Education of the ILP. 
  2. reflect their learning achievement of the 6-domain ILP enrichment programme.
  3. demonstrate a positive attitude and sense of belonging in their learning at Lingnan. 

Objectives of the Six Domains

(i) Civic Education
This domain aims to develop your understanding of, and concern for, both historical and social development in Hong Kong. Programmes include historical and nature exploration field trips, community services and executive training for office-bearers of student societies.

(ii) Intellectual Development
This domain introduces learning approaches and skills to enhance your academic learning, cultivate interests in intellectual pursuit, and acquire knowledge from different sources. Programmes include various workshops on topics of university learning, career preparation and Chinese martial arts and its implication.

(iii) Physical Education
This domain develops your healthy lifestyle, physical competence, confidence and team spirit. It encourages you to foster and develop lifelong interests in sports activities. Various physical education programmes are offered, including racket games, ball games, water sports, physical fitness, martial arts and first aid, etc.

(iv) Social and Emotional Development
This domain is to assist you to develop a positive living through enhancing your social skills, positive attitude, and self-understanding in managing emotions arising from pressures in different aspects of life. The various topics of workshops include self-exploration, social etiquette, communication skills and leadership enhancement.

(v) Aesthetic Development
This domain lies in exhibiting a relationship of life and its aesthetics. Students will be offered abundant opportunities to experience a flavor of arts and cultures. Workshops on acting, painting, Chinese calligraphy, music, dancing, performances and European cultures will be designed for you.

(vi) Hostel Education
Comprising structured courses and programmes provided by Warden’s Offices and Student Services Centre, this domain aims to develop your sense of community and responsibilities, inter-personal skills, leadership, self-governance and cultural horizon.


Management Committee

Membership of Management Committee of Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) and Civic Engagement Programme (CEP)


Dr. LI Dong-hui       Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)
Mr. Chad CHAN Senior Project Officer, Office of Service-Learning
Ms. Queenie Chan Assistant Information Manager I of Information Technology Services Centre
Ms Jenny KO Director of Student Services
Mr. Jeff LIU Associate Librarian, Library
Ms. LO Chui Yee Students’ Union Representative
Ms. Angel NG Education Officer of Teaching and Learning Centre
Ms. Connie Wong Assistant Director of Student Services
Ms. Berry YUEN Assistant Registrar, Registry
Ms. Elaine Yam             Assistant Student Services Manager I of Student Services Centre