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Make A Difference - Lingnan New Leaders Programme

Make A Difference


  1. To enhance students’ leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation spirit which is in line with the University Strategic Plan
  2. To encourage student leaders plan and develop new projects that could make positive impact to the University community
  3. To promote sustainability among hostel community
  4. To form a team of “New Leaders” who serve as role models for other students and make rippling effect to generations to come  



Students with any of the following identities will be eligible to form a team (2-8 students) to join the programme

  1. Current or former office-bearers of Programme-based Societies/ Student Hostel Associations/ Interest Groups
  2. NSO Peer Mentors and their mentees
  3. Student groups registered with SSC


Programme Details (Programme Poster)

Stage 1: Training

Participants should complete at least 3 hours of the following training before 24 January 2020:

  1. Design Thinking by OSL
  2. Workshop/ Talk related to Green and Sustainability by Science Unit/ SSC   
  3. Workshop/ Talk related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation by LEI
  4. Seminar on “Opportunities and Challenges Arising from the Sustainability Movement in Hong Kong”


Stage 2: From Ideas to Actions

The team should design a project or activity* that will serve/target Lingnan students or the community. The team is eligible to apply for Student Activities Fund (SAF). In addition to the maximum 80% of subsidy for qualified projects, if the project promotes any of the following educational elements, an extra subsidy of HK$500 for each element will be awarded:

  1. Innovation
  2. Sustainability
  3. Make a positive impact to the hostel/ University community and/or the community at large
  4. Entrepreneurship spirit

* The period of the designed activity should be completed on or before 14 February 2020.


Stage 3: Presentation and International Exposure

The teams with outstanding performance will be invited to join the Lingnan New Leaders Best Team Competition to give a presentation in front of a panel of judges consisting of SSC, OSL and LEI on in April 2020. Each of the Best Team members will be granted an award of HK$1,000. The best three presenters in the teams (the best presenter not necessarily only from the best team) will be granted to attend the Japan Cultural and Work Experience Programme. All teams who have completed Stage 1 to 2 will have their participation recorded in the Certificate of Awards and Participation.



By 30 April 2019

First Round Application

10 June 2019

Announcement of SAF Result for Stage 2 Project (First Round Application)

By 31 October 2019

Second Round Application

8 November 2019

Announcement of SAF Result for Stage 2 Project (Second Round Application)

7 February 2020

Deadline of Submission of Attendance Record of Stage 1 Training by Team Leader

28 February 2020

Deadline of Submission of Stage 2 Activity and Financial Report by Team Leader

March 2020

Announcement of Qualifying Teams for Stage 3

April 2020

Presentations for Stage 3



Team leaders should submit the Application Form together with (1) an activity proposal and (2) budget plan to SSC counter in person before the application deadline.  


Mr Sam Cheung (2616 7365)