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Master of Science in Marketing and International Business

Full Time
1 year
Part Time
Application Period
1 October 2019 - 31 May 2020
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Programme Details Master of Science in Marketing and International Business

Lingnan University’s MSc in Marketing and International Business trains students for global business

Ready for the Global Marketplace

The one-year full-time postgraduate programme, Master of Science in Marketing and International Business (MScMIB), trains business leaders and professionals for the dynamic global marketplace and corporate world.

Changing with the Times

The technological advances of the past 10 years, along with the internet, have irrevocably changed our lives, if not our entire civilisation. The pace of life is faster than ever, as are our communications. Everyone around the world, be it a friend or a merchandiser, can be “connected” by a few clicks. Globalisation, digitalisation and technology are, in turn, rapidly transforming the business world.

Meeting the Demand for Jobs in Hong Kong

“International business comprises a large and growing portion of the world’s total business,” says Prof Ling Peng, Programme Director of Master of Science in Marketing and International Business programme. “Almost all companies, large or small, are engaged in international trade and business. Most of them sell their products to suppliers from foreign countries, and compete against products and services that come from abroad. From a human resources point of view, specialists and professionals who can perform effectively and responsibly in a diverse environment and market are highly sought-after,” she says.

Prof Peng adds that China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and Hong Kong’s entry into the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) with the mainland, intensifies the demand for professionals with international business knowledge and up-to-date skills. “Our master’s programme strives to build up much-needed marketing and international business expertise for the Hong Kong community and the mainland. We aim to equip students with critical skills for the marketing and international business domain. We want to boost Hong Kong’s competitiveness while complementing the development of China.”

Inspiring Leaders with Global Vision

The full-time Master of Science in Marketing and International Business programme enables degree-holders to advance their knowledge and skills in marketing and international business. It helps graduates to understand the theories and practices of marketing and international business; demonstrate a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity, and its implications for marketing and management; analyses consumer and organisational buying behaviour, and its implications for marketing strategy; looks at international business concepts and trends in a way which internationalises business models and practices; and applies consulting skills to international marketing decisions and operations.

One-to-one Supervision Makes all the Difference

“We provide a high-quality education that prepares students with diverse academic backgrounds for careers in marketing and international business. To achieve this, we use a balanced curriculum, liberal-arts oriented small-class teaching, an individualised personal advisory system, and outcome-based learning assessments,” Prof Peng says. The consulting project is the module that makes the programme unique and outstanding. “The objective of the Master of Science in Marketing and International Business course is to prepare students to solve real-life business problems with informed managerial decisions, and implement viable solutions effectively. The emphasis is on applying principles of marketing, and theories and concepts of international business.”

In the consulting project module, under the supervision of academic advisers, students work in groups to solve the actual problems of companies. They analyse the problems facing companies in the marketing sector and in international business, and then propose marketing and international business strategies, and action plans for implementation. “Every student on the master’s programme is assigned an academic adviser for the study period, and receives support on academic matters, and other issues, such as career prospects,” she says.

Professional Accreditations and Qualifications

Prof Peng says that workshops and extra-curricular activities are offered to broaden the skills and knowledge of students. These include ethical character training sessions, professional development workshops, a CV writing and interview skills workshop, corporate visits, field trips, and career talks. “Graduates of Master of Science in Marketing and International Business are eligible for associate membership of HKIM, HKMA and CIM,” she says.

Special Features of Master of Science in Marketing and International Business

  • Teaching and Learning: To adopt a student-oriented teaching and learning approach and emphasise close faculty-student relationship
  • Professional Networking Activities: To provide students with whole-person and career development opportunities through professional networking activities
  • Consulting Project: To enable students to put theory into practice, and deliver meaningful services to the community upon undertaking consulting projects