Academic Programmes

Master of Arts in International Higher Education and Management Doctor of Policy Studies


Professional Training

Leadership Institute - March 11-16, 2019

Leadership Institute Programme Rundown


The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm by John N. Hawkins New Global Ecosystems for Higher Education by Richard DeMillo The IFE 2020 Tool Kit The New “Ecology” for Higher Education: Challenges to Accreditation by Peter Ewell Elements and Dimensions of the Changing Ecology of Higher Education Future Work Skills 2020 (copy 2) Should Higher Education be Vocationalized?¬† The Role of Liberal Arts Education in Hong Kong by Ka Ho Mok Article for Education and Work 2018 by Ka Ho Mok and Jiwei Qian Future Work Skills 2020 (copy 1)


Exercise on Changing Ecology 2019 Exercise on Resurgent Nationalism Exercise on Gender Issues Exercise on Public Good Practices Exercise for Paradigms 2019


APHERP 2019 Leadership Institute The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm by John Hawkins, Professor Emeritus, UCLA Tool Kit 2019 The Changing Social Ecology of Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region by Deane Neubauer and CCU Chia-yi Reassessing the Nature and Dynamics Asia Pacific Higher Education in Work 4.0 by Deane Neubauer Resurgent Nationalism in Asia Pacific Higher Education: Whose Globalization Is at Stake? By Deane Neubauer Gender Issues in Asia Pacific Higher Education: Framing the Issue and Assessing the Data by Deane Neubauer and Molly Lee Globalizing Practices in Asian-Pacific Universities by Molly Lee The Social Benefits of Higher Education: Global public good by Christopher S. Collins and Deane Neubauer Ten Globalization Challenges for Higher Education by Deane Neubauer 21st Century Work-skills and Competencies: Establishing Context by Deane Neubauer “The Globalized University” as the Next Stage in Higher Education Development by Deane Neubauer Nurturing Caring Leaders with Global Vision for Hong Kong: Lingnan University Experience by Ka Ho Mok The Dilemma of the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University by Ka Ho Mok and John N. Hawkins


PhD Student Exchange

UCL IOE Centre for Global Higher Education International Centre for Higher Education Management, University of Bath Department of International Development, King's College London Graduate School of Education, Peking University Graduate School of Education, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan